Weather and Barometric Pressure

When the weather is overcast or raining I have noticed that I seem to be dizzier. My head is not clear (thought process) and my nystagmus is worse. When it’s a beautiful sunny dry day I feel fabulous enough to be able to walk with less dizziness and think clearly.
Even my mood is on the upswing. I wonder if there is a disease where the weather effects dizziness, and the sensitivity brought on with the ataxia makes it worse?

Having this disease makes me very aware of the many people in the world that suffer with other ailments.

Does anyone else feel their ataxia gets worse when it rains or is overcast?

Yep. For sure. Especially during warmer months. The winter isn't as bad.

I totally agree Suzi !

Both brain fog and nystagmus are worse if there’s low pressure,
it can be horrendous just trying to think clearly at all.

Today we have brilliant sunshine, and it’s warm enough to sit outside.
I feel great :slight_smile: xB

I definitely think it's relevant, however I seem to be worse off in hot weather. I'm EA2/Migraines

I also agree with Lucy, when I’m too hot the symptoms can be just as draining.

I’m Libra, finely balanced :slight_smile: xB

Dear Suzi, Yes rainy, overcast weather adversely affects me (in all the mentioned ways), whereas I do better when it's dry and sunny. Also, extreme weather, too cold or too hot, especially humidity, has an extreme affect. Here's to sunny, dry, moderately warm weather...,ha! ;o)

And where is the perfect climate for ataxia? Here in Georgia, it is already too warm and humid and we are in tornado season. I have to go out earlier to walk now and it takes me a long time to cool off!
Ah! Poor human beings, never happy with our weather. Too this…too that… Almost… not quite… :wink:

But to be serious again (can I really be serious? hmmm…) it is a fact, that changes in barometric pressure affects people. We should live in a bubble. Pressurized of course… There I go again!
Stay well everybody and keep smiling.

My diplopia has been getting worse, but I do not think the weather has anything to do with it. My diplopia just has a slow progression, especially when it comes to late in the day. My weakness in the fingers is becoming obvious now, too. I keep dropping my eating utensils and it takes forever to tie my shoe laces. My PCP is urging me not to wait until October for my scheduled appointment with the neurologist. I hope I get a sooner one.

Diplopia (double vision) has plagued me for years, as you know Norbert,
it can make you feel very disorientated and you lose the natural ability
for spatial awareness.

It certainly can effect confidence, what you see and what you can detect
from touch, can be two different things.

I tend to over grip things like glass and china, because I can be clumsy,
but when I leave go of whatever it is, I can cause most damage with my
hand wandering free, If that makes sense :slight_smile:

Quite often I don’t use my knife and fork, it’s easier with fingers, although
I can drop just as much :slight_smile:

Pull on shoes, and Velcro fastenings are a blessing in disguise :slight_smile:

As you may already know Norbert, your optician could suggest prisms
to cope with double vision. This is a double edged sword. As long as
you sit still and look straight ahead it’s the answer to your prayers.

Once you glance side to side, or walk around, it can feel as though your
eyes bounce against the prisms (like nystagmus), it compromises ability
to control balance and effects spatial awareness.

However, my eye got so bad, it was turning into a squint. At that point I
was able to have surgery to realign the eye muscle, I could tell there was
an immediate improvement in the severity of double vision, apparently it
can take up to 3mths for the eye to settle.

Ask your Neurologist to refer you to an Eye Specialist. :slight_smile: xB

Hi Beril Park,

It apparently depends on what causes the diplopia. Mine goes in and out. Some times it is easy to focus both eyes on the same subject and some times it is impossible. Late in the day it is much harder than early to focus. It gets really bad when I try to read and I skip anything from individual characters to whole words; or when I drive and something is crossing the road very fast. Dropping things and clumsiness are very different things though. Those have to do with coordination of your fingers and hands. Do you have difficulty not walking into walls or door frames? That would also be coordination. As you know, coordination or lack of it, is ataxia. So is most diplopia. It all has to do with the cerebellum at the bottom of the brain losing cells. My Ophthalmologist sent me to several diplopia specialists and they all wanted to give me prisms. I refused to get those because logic alone tells me that as long as the prisms cannot move with the eye they are useless. Thank you for confirming my thought,


i was diagnosed with cerebellar ataxia 11-15 and can say the weather does have something to do with it. i have read about it and read your post. ervery thing you have said i have felt. in n.j. the past week the weather has been ovewrcast and rainy and its been working on me with the dizziness not thinking clear etc. id say its true