Boxing and ataxia

Anyone tried hitting the heavy bag (boxing) as an exercise for ataxia

I’ve been exercising with the heavy bag for 3/4 years and absolutely love it; I think also kept my symptoms in check.

:hushed: That’s definitely one therapy that would never have crossed my mind…but great that you feel it helps :+1:

Interesting. Sounds like a good thing to do. Glad to hear that it’s doing a good job for you.

There are several articles on Parkinson’s and this hitting the heavy bag, but none on ataxia (of course as ataxia is much rare).

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Hey Parna (or any) my gym just added a heavy bag, I’ve not used it, want to , is sitting down while boxing ok ?

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If you have to sit, then please do sit. But an instructor needs to show you the technique behind punches.

I can’t explain but there is something behind hitting and brain regeneration maybe…but I think ultimately our degeneration will catch up.

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Copied from an article in ‘ Boxing puts Parkinson’s on the ropes’.

What the Science Says

An early news story on Rock Steady motivated Stephanie Combs-Miller, PT, PhD, associate professor at the University of Indianapolis’ Krannert School of Physical Therapy, to investigate the benefits of boxing. In a preliminary case study of six participants published in Physical Therapy in 2011, she found that every participant improved on at least five of 12 measures, including balance, gait, walking speed, stride length, step width, get-up-and-go time, and ability to reach forward, over three months. “Some people improved on all of them,” Dr. Combs-Miller says. "It was a pretty strong indication that something positive was going

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