i Have FA and have just begun bodybuilding. Even though FA is a muscle wasting illness will my muscles get bigger and will my control of the weights improve?

I have no experience of body building but going to 'follow' this as it looks very interesting.

Patsy x

I have ataxia of unknown origin and unknown sca. I have been going to the gym 2-3 times a week for about 3 years now - I was diagnosed with ataxia in '06. I dont do body building, but wanted to see if I could develop my muscles to slow down the progression.

Personally, I think it has. I have noticed a muscle size increase in my chest, arms and legs. It is not massive considering how much I push myself, but it is definately there.

Since I was diagnosed 6 years ago, I am still mobile (and without the aid of a stick - just), so yes, I think it will help somewhat.

Hi :slight_smile: Sounds cool! I have FA too and I know for a fact that your muscles will be bigger and the controll over the weights too probably. FA isnt really a muscle wasting illness. It misght be a secondary problem to inactivity because its getting harder to move around. I know people with minor and major progression of FA who has builded muscle, so go for it! And good luck :slight_smile:

i used to do ameautter boxing although my arms have always been spindly my wife buys me promax muscle builder and chocolate protien bars try these ,or have a talk with ur consultant

i take whey protein shakes

I workout with a personal trainer 3 days a week. I totally believe in exercise physiology and have improved my balance. I totally recommend patients with ataxia to have a workout routine. I also walk on an anti-gravity treadmill which helps with my gait! Stay active!

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I was diagnosed with ataxia in 09 due to Langerhans Cell Histiocytosis. Sometime after that I tried the p90x at home system. One of the routines was a yoga routine. After using the yoga routine for a while my balance improved significantly.

I have had sporadic cerebellar ataxia for 8 years (of an unknown cause) and until recently did physical therapy twice weekly. I exercise at home now and definitely thinks it helps! Stay as strong as you can as it will help your balance etc. I also use a "Total Gym" which I purchased on Ebay and free weights to keep my muscles strong. Also, I agree with shaggy68 that yoga improves balance and plan to do more of it. Good luck!