Broken ankle

Hi all, fell and broke my ankle while trying to do too much. The down side is I can't now use the crutches properly, will probably fall again, so I just shuffle instead. The upside is plenty of r+r lol

That certainly is trying, Martin. I hope it doesn’t hurt too much. I am glad you are staying good-humored, though. Wishing you quick healing.

Sorry you hurt yourself!

I hope if they put u in one of those walking boots that u get the one that goes up to just below the knee. Much better support n less pain than the little short boot!! The short boot is like having a ball n chain on already hurt ankle. The first dr I went to put me in short one miserable. The 2 nd dr, orthopedic dr took one look at the short boot, shook his head n looked at me like … I just said don’t even ask that’s why I am here. He tossed the short boot n fixed me up with the taller one. I could get around better with it. I wish you a speedy recovery and good doctors.

Heal up soon, catch up on some telly ;)

That's bad... have you got a cover for it to go in shower? Crutches really are hopeless for me and I wish you best of luck. I have a 4-wheeled rollator with seat which I shuffle around on sometimes but you would probably be better with a wheelchair.

That's a reminder to us to to take care however tedious that is .. better be safe than sorry. xx

I have not falllen over yet but tthe fear when you have no balance makes you rigid.I used a rollator for about 3 years-this helped with vb balance.

Hi Martin,

My grandson broke his ankle, and got around with a knee walker that he rented from a medical supply.

It really helped him get around with ease. I broke both of my right ankle bones as a child falling off a bike, and it's a pain to get around. Back then all I had was crutches. I hope you heal soon.

Nancy J

Hang in there and I am sure you have heard this so many times, but try to slow down and be careful. Anytime something happens to anything below your hips it makes things extremely difficult to get around.

Try not to overdo it! Injuries are no fun. Hope you have a quick recovery!

The knee walker sounds like the ideal thing to have It would save a lot of trauma from hopping or even walking.

Slow down, pray for a speedy recovery

My PT told my father not to go the crutches route as it requires too much coordination. We chose the walker for him, and so much more safe. Be careful and take care!

Hi Martin,

So sorry about your ankle. That is how my mother got her diagnosis of ataxia-she fell and broke things alot. The downside was the increasing generalized weakness made it impossible for her to rehab well. Therefore, she went quickly from cane to walker to wheelchair. Please be sure to keep up your muscle strength with excercise and you should rehab well.

Dear Martin, So sorry you broke your ankle! I hope you have a quick recovery..., ;o)

I had to show amusement (sorry). Well, I got the ataxia, but my wife falls in the shower (she's 74). Long story short, we were there most of the night, I got sent home, she had two surgeries, a week in hosp. and has been laid up at home and rehab for 9 weeks now. She didn't think I could cook or shop, and now she has to eat what I make. I can move alright, just a stagger but without pain. So, I wish you a good recovery,


i broke my ankle 2010, still in a wheelchair. a pt comes to my home. i'm so dizzy. i hope to walk again.


i'm deleting thousands of emails and i came across yours. i hope your healed.

So sorry you broke your ankle, Martin! I wish for you a speedy recovery..., ;o)