Fractured elbow

Hi guy’s, I fell over on Mothers Day and immediately knew that I’d done something serious. After a visit to a+e the next day, my fears were confirmed, I had fractured my elbow. It’s annoying because now I’m even more useless than normal.
So far Ataxia has caused me to fall and break my right ankle twice, fractured both elbows and numerous scars etc on my knees or shins.
I don’t need any advice as I’m actually feeling quite good mentally. Just wanted to update you with my situation.

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:woman_facepalming: Martin, that’s all you need, I don’t know how long it’ll take to mend, but I hope you manage ok in the meantime. I fractured an ankle, and it took 5/6weeks before I could bear weight comfortably. Stay safe :slightly_smiling_face:

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I take Calcium pills for just the reason you give. You will end up breaking something!

And I take 4000 IU Vitamin D3 plus drink Almond milk daily for the same reason.

Thanks Beryl, the hospital said 4-6weeks. But to be honest after almost two weeks I can use it as long as I don’t take liberties. All the heavy bruising has virtually gone, so I’m getting there😉


Sending you a hug even if you don’t think you need it :hugs:

Thanks very much, that’s very kind of you😊

I don’t hear about people fracturing their elbow too often. I would know because I fractured mine at 5. Nearly 40 years later and it still pops sometimes whennit moves.

Glad to hear you are mending!