Torn calf muscle

I fell last week just as i was getting in the car on a driveway, so fortunetly I fell on to a lawn. But as I fell backwards I heard a pop and had torn my r/h calf muscle. Which until healed is limiting me more🙁


Ouch! I did something like that some years ago. Not fun but it will get better. Good luck.

:see_no_evil: I bet you felt that…

So far, I’ve dealt with a sprained ankle, and it took about 5weeks before I could confidently bear weight on it.

Take it easy and don’t push yourself

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Thank you, I will. I"ve broken my right ankle twice aswell and sprained it badly. The Ataxic gate and lack of balance must put undue pressure on them😕

I injure everything from bad falls and braces are a big help. I have so many. from shoulder to ankle and everything inbetween. They partially immobilize and sometimes you need a cast. Going slower helps me
fall less. Falling backwards is so dangerous and I do it too. Look about your yard/home to remove plant stakes, rocks, furniture with sharp edges to create a SAFE space. I don’t want to suggest that it gets worse, but that would be a lie. BE STRONG, SLOW, AND CAREFUL.

Hi Martin, apologies if this idea is too late. Having had two foot operations in the last 15 months, and with the usual balance problems, I bought (You can rent) a Knee Scooter, which was a god send as Ataxia and Crutches aren’t a good combination! Heres a link to one of the suppliers out there

I bought the Orthomate version. Don’t live in a big house, but managed to negotiate not too badly.

Hope this idea helps you or others faced with similar mobility issues.

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Great suggestion. My only additional comment would be to make sure to keep your speed under control. I almost fell a few times when I was still getting the hang of navigating around my house.

Sharon from ModSupport

Sharon, you are quite right about gaining experience in using. Don’t be as daft as the Scottish Health Secretary…!! It’s not a toy.

So sorry to hear. Falls are one of my major concerns. Heal quickly.

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Let me tell you how I did mine. I was at the gym on the cardio bike pedaling away when my foot slipped off the pedal. There’s a small muscle on the back of your calf. I irritated it. The pain was awful. Trying to walk was awfully hard plus Ataxia made it doubly hard. Took 2 months before it got better.