Has anyone had bursitis?

In 2012, I used to walk 6 miles a week but in 2013 I couldn't walk because of hip pain.

The orthopedist told me that I had hip bursitis because of ataxia and it will never go away.

Have any of you experienced it? Is there a new way to walk or exercise? Anything to do? The doctor said I can't do anything because you can't treat ataxia.

I gained weight because most of last year I was in a wheelchair because the pain was so bad.

Good morning Brittie,
Do not let your doctor convince you that your bursitis cannot be helped.
It seems to me that a good physical Therapist at an Ataxia or Movement discorder clinic, should be able to at least help you some.
As your orthopedist said, your bursitis is probably caused by your Ataxia which makes us develop bad habits. A PT should help you correct (even a little) these habits, which will alleviate the pain.
These PT’s know how to adapt exercises to our “wobbliness”, dizziness and awkwardness. A regular PT might not… At least, try, don’t give up.
Good luck to you and Merry Christmas! Hope you have been good and Santa will visit your house:-)

I think just moving the joints would be the best ,not let the joints fuse together.

I have aches and pains due to arthritis, but I believe they're compounded by ataxia (stiffness/poor posture. etc.) Anyway there's a book, as well as a DVD called "Ageing Backwards" by Miranda Esmonde-White that has been very helpful! It uses gentle exercise stretching against your own body weight (that's the best way I can describe it). I purchased it on Amazon, but I believe the bookstore Barnes and Nobile sells it (the book, not sure about the DVD). It may work for you to keep you hip jioints moving! ;o)

brittie “Never” is a long time. Don’t let these doctors predict your future. Little is known about Ataxia and it is possible to improve – I’m doing so while gaining weight and aging. I recently read about an MD with Ataxia who travels the country teaching other Ataxians how to improve through more movement. He went from a walker to no walker and did it dancing! a good physical therapist makes good sense and moving carefully as much as you can makes sense too. I’ve had hip, back, shoulder, and neck problems. All have gotton better with care and healing. The idea that you can’t improve the mechanics of how you walk isn’t something I was willing to accept and with a knowledgeable therapist and a lot of reading/googling on my part helped me do what doctors say isn’t possible–improve. No cure but I’m not scared any more.

Good advice from maryseas!

The doctor she is referring to, is, I think, ( Mary, please correct me if I am wrong) Dr Thomas Clouse. He travels the USA In his RV, stopping In different towns to help people walk better with ataxia. Check his website: www.walkingwithataxia. Click on the little RV on the upper right side to see his schedule. You can also contact him. Scroll down for his email address on the last line of his website Home screen. I wrote him a few years ago and he answered my questions. A very caring man! He unfortunately did not come in my area. Looks like he will be overseas for the first few months of the year. Check him on YouTube too. The main thing with ataxia is to keep strong muscles and use them, so that they do not atrophy and become useless. And it is never too late to start.

If you need a kick in the derrière, one member of this forum (Jonas) has his own website/blog/support

group www.fightingataxia.com He is full of common sense advice. Nice man, full of fight! :slight_smile:

Jonas, if you read this, it is a compliment! :wink:

Sorry, the first link will not work, it should be www.walkingwithataxia.com

The second link is wrong too. Can’t remember it. Someone here might know it. Or Jonas if you read this, please post it. Thanks and sorry. My brain is not cooperative today… :frowning:

Brittie, I was diagnosed with bursitis in my hip way before ataxia set in and it really hurt. I had a shot in that joint and my tennis elbow that also really hurt, but helped the pain for a good while--several months to a year. The pain was starting again when I started working out at Curves. After a short time of these resistence exercises I quit hurting. Sometime after I got Ataxia I fell at Curves when I left my cane on a machine, and hubby who was also working out stopped due to cancer treatment. After 1 and a half years the bursitis pain returned with a vengence, & doc couldn't prescribe anything that would help, about that time a friend got PT for her bursitis and other problems, so I decided to try working out again. Gradually after about 1 1/2 months the pain was gone. Doc(pcp) says risk of falling is off-set by value of exercising. I am using a rollator now and am definitely more wobbly than I was 2 years ago when I started using rollator. I also "fired" provider from DADS because they had to come a minimum of 6.5 hrs each week. I thought it better to continue doing what I can and ask hubby for help where needed. I can definitely do more when I push myself.

Hi Brittie,

I too was diagnosed with bursitis of the hip along with a bad back and it went away. I think I just walked and the hip bursitis went away and the back pain went away with a good therapist. Your doctor is wrong. My back pain was so excruciating, I thought I would never walk again or even stand in one place for more than five minutes. Find a good therapist. You can be helped.

My first appt for pain in knee got me a cortisone shot but it was no help and I found I had something that was progressive was happening.