I have always been of the understanding that caffeine is bad for you and therefore cut it out of my diet. I do drink decaffeinated tea and coffee and am aware that it still has some caffeine in it but I have very few of these drinks.

However, I do find that, on the rare occasion when I do indulge in a proper coffee or tea, the effects are amazing.

This morning, my husband, Ken, gave me proper coffee before I did my wii fit exercises and my scores were much higher. I queried this with Ken and he said yes, it was real coffee.

It seems to me that it would be very nice to have a shot of energy instead of needing to take a nap just when I am making progress with some task or other.

Do you think caffeine is best avoided?


I actually really dislike coffee and quit drinking it 6 yrs ago and swor I’d never go back to having any because of the caffeine. But at the NAF Confrance they suggested that if don’t drink coffee to start because a bioflavonoid is an antioxidant is in it. So now I have 1/4 of a cup in 3/4 cup coconut milk every moring after I drink one 16oz glass of water with lemon in it. I add a liile cinnamon ( it’s a antioxidant also) and it helps the tast too! I do it for my brain!

Thanks for responses.. that's interesting, didnt know coffee was anti oxidant.. nor cinnamon.. love that too.. I wonder how much is beneficial.. I just sprinkle cinnamon on food and drinks.

I always have hot lemon and honey drink before bed - 2 dessert-spoons of each and that seems to keep colds at bay.

I must remember not to have caffeince other than in the morning as it stops me sleeping for a good ten hours afterwards!!!


Sorry not to quick but I am a coffee addict and was drinking 8-10 cups a day. Then a read this study about how MODERATE coffee drinking can help in the prevention of dementia, but more than 3 cups can leech calcium from the bones and lead to osteoporosis. So I had to limit it to 2 cups to be on the safe side.

It's a minefield lol


Hi Patsy,
Many years back I got this authentic information from a senior research scientist that Coffee is good for people affected by Parkinson’s. Anything taken in moderation is always good. I do have about 250ml of coffee with milk made light. I have CA and it seems to agree with me. Whether it is Parkinson’s or Ataxia cerebellum plays a major role. If it can help why not in moderation take it.?

Thanks for replies.. very encouraged by your comments and shall certainly use in moderation.

I heard that they give caffeine to premature babies so cant be a bad thing can it?

Patsy x

Thanks Patsy.I do often wonder if there is a connection between Parkinsons and Ataxia as both diseases do indeed involve the cerebelum.My father was diagnosed with Parkinsons at 48 like me with CA.I can see some parallels but my sister who grew up with dad says our movement is very different.Also his speech wass quieter but unimpaired wheras mine is non existent.

He also had a lot of pain and cramps whikch I don't. I think his was a neurotransmitter problem as it responded to drugs.That's what I have learnt anyway.]

I have given up everything except coffee.

Ataxia for me involves cerebellar degeneration but it is much better than depression which is the pits as noone understands what is wrong with your brain.


thanks Marie. Shall I copy that comment to AUK forum or will you write on there?

I do sympathise with your depression. My Mother and Sister had clinical depression and suffered terribly. They did have pills for it but didnt like the side effects.

You take care, Patsy xx

You can copy my comments to the AUK forum.My typing leaves a lot be desired due to the wobbles.

okay .. thanks Marie x

I was advised to cut down on caffeine and up salt intake ( i drank little tea and coffee, and had given up using salt as it was "bad"for people? can't win.

thanks Marty .. so many things to consider!!


Lindilu, yes, I too have to cut down on salt as I have high blood pressure - I never add any salt but there is so much already in processed foods. I try to stick to fresh but .. so much temptation!

I order groceries online as they bring it right into the kitchen for me but looking at what's available is very seductive. I used to love sea food, celery, different breads but they all have too much salt.

Life is a big compromise. How sensible can I be.. I am not an angel. lol