any diets please Jeannie

as i seem to be putting on a few pounds now im less mobile

Hi loz,

I was in FA Food Addicts for over 3 years and lost 50lbs with no exercising by letting go of all flour and refined sugars (I was a chocoholic then) :0). I also let go of anything in a box or in a bag. Nothing added, just plain no condiments. We had to make sure we had Protein 3x's day, cooked veggie 2x4oz 2x's a day salads 8 oz, grains 4oz 2,'s day cooked 1oz not cooked for breakfast, and 3 fruits. To me that was way too much foods then and I couldn't keep that up. But I saw a Nutritionist this morning in fact and she thought that was really good that I should follow that as much as possible.I'm still not doing any flour or refined sugar or additives etc. But it's not working

I've gained about 10lbs myself eating less than this since I've been out of FA. The Nutrionist Jessica, told me that since I used to eat about 1260 cal having that food my body got used to having that much. Now that I've been having less about 700 cal I've gained 10 lb (Strange I thought). But she exsplained to me that if you are just sitting watching t.v. and breathing you use up 1040 cal so you need to be eating at least 1000 plus exercising (equal to 2 1/2 hours per week or even more to loose any weight).

If you can't stand how about floor exercises for your core, legs etc? I know there are some Yoga strengthing moves that are gentle or chair exercises to get movements in?

Your also talking to someone that really dislikes movements (exercising) but I'm told over and over again that it helps the brain mostly yes the body too (loosing weight is just a side effect of a more healthy life style) but mostly the brain works better with more movements.

So that's why I have to really focus on movements (exercising) exspecially when I don't feel like it along with eating the right vit and minerals. Now when I get aches and pains I know it's my body telling me that it's getting stiff and it wants to move more, when I do now the aches stop for a few hours. It took a few months of my body screaming at me to not move but Iif I listened to how I felt even though I knew in my mind what I needed to do, I would have gotten worse or stayed the same and I don't want that. :0(

I know that one cal is 3500 cal so I thought to loose one lb I'd let go of 500 per day so in one week I could loose l lb. But she said that was too little intake. She suggests to have 1000 cal per day. That along with exercising I should loose slowly 1lb every few weeks but keep it off then too.

I have a followup apt in 6 weeks from today so I'll let you know more when she let's me know about a site she said she can look up at her home and give me more information. Until then I'm doing 1000 cal per day and exercising a least 2 1/2 hours as hard as I can, if not more. Join me? :0)

i will thanks

thanks for this info Jeannie

it really helps

thanks again


Just to second what Jeannie said I went gluten free (no wheat, barley, or rye) and have lost 70+ pounds. I find that I will mindlessly eat if I don’t pay attn, so tv while eating calorie dense foods are a bad combo for me. I’m a huge fan of sunflower seeds in the shell. I also like putting 5 or 6 cans of low sodium veggies in a pot with 3 marinated artichoke hearts. I blend it smooth and put in bottles so I grab that instead of a coke.

Thanks Liz

but awaiting endoscopy and new MRI to see if i'm gluten intolerate

thanks again


Np loz! Just a FYI for others reading this. Medical tests are good to have, but not really required for all people. I heard about it from Jeannie and Michael and asked my doc about testing. He said we could do that but it can be invasive and expensive, so he said to do it for 2 weeks. If massive improvement no further testing is needed. I tried it and felt so much better. To play devils advocate, this is just my experience. If testing is what a person wants/needs, by all means go for it.


'Wheat-belly' 101 - Five clues that your excess weight is caused by gluten

by: PF Louis

Learn more:

(NaturalNews) Wheat today is not what it used to be. It is more of a hybrid version of 19th century and earlier versions of wheat our ancestors relied on for their daily bread. The same is true for a few other grains.

Today's wheat is a genetic modification of horticultural or agricultural specie combining. This genetic modification is different than laboratory GMO gene splicing. Nevertheless, the amount of 20th century agricultural genetic modification has outpaced the human digestive system's ability to adapt.

The result is that even if you are not a celiac disease sufferer or gluten sensitive, you still could be suffering from the ill effects of wheat and other grains. Even organic whole wheat has a high glycemic index (GI), which over time may increase your glycemic load and create diabetes II.

So although whole wheat grains are considered complex carbohydrates, modern day wheat contains amylopectin A, which is a rapidly absorbed carbohydrate that spikes your blood sugar, but more. The other grains that can contribute to wheat belly include: Barley, rye, triticale (a cross between wheat and rye), bulgur, farina, kamut, seminola, durum flour, and spelt. Bummer, eh?

There are safer grain options, however. Buckwheat, which is not actually wheat, amaranth, rice, hominy, sorghum, tapioca, arrowroot, quinoa, and einkorn are okay. Uncommon einkorn is the ancient traditional wheat our ancestors enjoyed. Oats are controversial. Some argue that oats are contaminated by wheat.

The downside of wheat and some other grains

Beer belly is actually wheat or grain belly, according to Body Ecology. It is visceral fat, or fat that has accumulated around body cavity organs, such as the liver, stomach, or intestines. Subcutaneous fat is just under the skin. It is the flabby, flesh of any part of your body.

Obese folks have both visceral and subcutaneous fat issues. A beer or wheat belly most likely indicates visceral fat. In addition to the obvious potential of diabetes II from obesity, there is another ominous aspect of visceral fat.

Visceral fat acts as a gland, secreting hormones that make the immune system react. This produces more fat to store and protect pathogens from invading our organs. It's the proverbial vicious cycle, and it also produces low level chronic inflammation that can result in various autoimmune diseases.

Cardiologist William Davis, MD, warns against the gluten free diet for losing a wheat belly. The wheat substitutes such as potato flour have high glycemic index issues also, and they can increase your GI load to cause the obesity you're trying to avoid.

Five wheat belly indicators in addition to a bloated belly

1) High blood sugar
2) Skin problems, rashes, acne, and eczema
3) Bouts of anxiety and depression - low energy
4) Gut disorders - yeast infections
5) Early aging disorders that include dementia

Beyond this lies celiac disease, which can be determined by a blood test and/or gut biopsy.

Sprouted grain bread options

Weston A. Price Foundation founders Sally Fallon and Mary G. Enig, PhD, researched sprouted grains and determined they had a lower GI than grains not sprouted.

The sprouts still contain some gluten, but sprouted grain enzymes break down a good deal of the grains' normally harmful ingredients. They are more nutritious than merely whole grains.

There are the Ezekiel sprouted grain breads. Some bakeries make sprouted wheat and other sprouted grain breads. Whole Food bakeries provide a sourdough, sprouted wheat bread without bromide, a harmful ingredient used by most bakeries.

You might be able to get away with some of the options mentioned in this article instead of being forced into a strict Paleolithic (Paleo) or hunter/gatherer diet to avoid wheat belly.

Sorry some of these words are cut off but I think you can get the jest of it anyway! :0)

The only way that I know of getting rid of extra weight is cutting back on your intake of foods and moving more. Sorry! :0) Elimination of all flours and refined sugars help along with water with lemon etc. Good luck! Keep us posted ok? :0)

I just got this email and thought this was good to read. Hope this helps you.

By Health Status.

One of the top concerns for everyone is weight loss.
Read this informative email to become more
successful in your weight loss program.

Top Weight Loss Programs

Weight loss is a topic of discussion for many
decades now. People love to have shapely bodies
which not only make them look good, but also keep
them free from any disease. With the United States
spending billions on weight loss products and
services, no wonder so many weight loss programs
have flooded the market. This makes the choice
very difficult with every program promising to shed
pounds in matter of days.

Weight loss programs or fad diets, as they are
popularly called, promise very quick results and you
need to be very careful while choosing the right
plan for you so as to avoid any unnecessary damage
to your body. To make your choice easier, here is
the list of top weight loss programs that are

Atkins Diet
Atkins diet is so far the most nutritionally balanced
diet or weight loss program. It mainly emphasizes
on high fat, high protein and low carbohydrates.
The diet has undergone many revisions and the
current diet distinguishes between fats and promotes
having monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats.
The intake of carbohydrates is also now relaxed.
The high protein keeps you feeling full in between
the meals.

Zone diet
Zone diet does not restrict the calories severely and
stresses on having each nutrient in a balanced way.
It is a high protein, controlled fat and low
carbohydrate weight loss program or diet plan. You
can eat healthy fats and there is a guide to make the
process easier. Since calorie intake is controlled
chances of weight loss are higher.

Ornish diet
Ornish diet or eat more, weigh less diet plan, is
developed after long research. It is a high fiber,
low fat diet for vegetarians where intake of dairy
products is limited. This diet was originally planned
for heart patients but the health benefits showed
good results in weight loss. This diet plan although
can be hard to follow so it needs determination to
stick to the plan.

General Motors diet
GM weight loss program is targeted to lose 10-13 pounds
of weight in a week. This seven day plan is based
on eating those food items that burn more calories
in digestion than they provide to the body. It
stresses on high intake of water throughout the
entire plan for effective functioning of digestive
system. It is recommended to follow this plan once
in a while and not on regular basis.

Weight Watchers and Jenny Craig’s diets are also
popular weight loss programs. To follow any diet
plan, you should act like an educated consumer and
should rely on the facts supporting a particular diet.
Little changes and choosing a plan that fits your
lifestyle can work wonders for you.

I kept up with your 2 1/2 hour exercise during the summer with gardening. Not so much now. I'll need to ramp it back up to catch up to you, Jeannie. I hadn't lost weight, but definitely had added muscle and toning. Need to return to this practice.

Hi Jan,

Remember muscle weighs more than fat, plus I've been told that the more muscle that I have you will burn more fat just by not doing anything.I was told that after you start building muscle then the weight starts to come off, not the other way around. Trust me I've been learning that when I was younger it came off quicker too. Now it takes a lot longer. Maybe this ataxia has something to do with it too? Who knows. But eating for the brain I think is more important that I concentrate on regardless.

My Nutritionist told me that I need to at least have 1000 cal per day nothing lower for my brain to function well. No more than 1260 per day. Exercise at least 260 cal which one you start checking it it's actually not hard to get them in.

I really think that exercise and eating are really about how our brains are, and stay healthy. The weight will follow if your eating well balanced foods and getting in you vitamins and minerals that your brain needs.

Also, what ever you did to take off that weight (the foods that you eat) is the way you will need to continue eating. If you change it to the way you used to eat then you will gain faster. At least that's what I've been told.

Jan said:

I kept up with your 2 1/2 hour exercise during the summer with gardening. Not so much now. I'll need to ramp it back up to catch up to you, Jeannie. I hadn't lost weight, but definitely had added muscle and toning. Need to return to this practice.

I'm not on a diet I have tried several in my late teens and early 20s when I was unhappy with my weight. I know an increase in weight makes my ataxia worse. Since moving to the US I've lost about half the weight i'd gained from the contraceptive pills I put it down to being careful about my portions, as well as stopping the contraceptive pill that was the biggest cause of weight gain for me. Occasionally i'll have snickers bar or chips but not often. If I have to do a boxed meal due to budget I will have a small amount and eat toast or some rice I do go up and down stairs daily along with when it isn't too hot a 20 minute walk to store and back also make sure each meal has fresh veggies and controlled portions and that I eat 3 meals a day

I've found in my experience anything to do with the oral contraceptive pill makes me weight gain go crazy and I struggle to loose weight until I stop taking it my husband loves me big or small but personally I don't like the effects so it isn't always the diet. I ate healthily in the UK no sweets or chocolate for years and minute I went on the pill to visit my husband back then he was my long distance boyfriend I started the steady uncontrollable weight gain untill I twigged the pill started it well actually my mum commented i'd been tiny for years and within 3 months of being on the pill I'd gained 30lbs I was told stop the pill with my drs advice proceed to loose maybe 10-20lbs and be allowed go back on the pill and be back at square one. I asked ,my Dr at the time do all women have that issue she said some only gain a little bit but you are one of the unlucky few who seems to gain alot. I tried once more for 10 months to stick with the pill when moving out here that by December I'd had enough of constantly gaining weight despite my portion control and other pill related issues that my husband (fiance at the time) agreed to allow me to do a trial run without taking the pill. I noticed within a month i'd lost about a dress size and other things improved we both said okay no pill it obviously doesn't agree with you. Took him seeing the affects on the pill and a two week break to notice the difference with me 6 months later no pill and I've 40 lbs of the 80lbs wight I gained. 5 dress sizes down and another 3 more to go and i'm back to my non pill weight and size. I Wish I could say it was what I ate yet I was careful for so long it didn't make a difference when on the pill yet off the pill i eat same and controlled portions walk the same amount and i've lost weight. I know some meds for certain people counteract diets and also thyroid issues as well.

I've learnt it's easy to do those paid diets but if your budget suddenly drops or you stop the exact diet your going to gain, I tried weight slim fast when i was 18-19-20 years old minute swapped to eating healthy despite not using shakes I gained the weight within months. I also tried to control my calorie intake strictly for a year it worked fantastically till I grew bored of the meal choices from weight watchers brand as I was on a tight budget at the time and using their meals from stores. The best and continued stable weight for me for years was just WATCHING what I ate, being sensible and cutting out my want of chocolate and sugary products alongside of chips. Those are my enemy and always will be have a weakness for those and my husband will sit there munching on cheap chocolates and crisps daily he is a sugar addict more so than me. He now knows I don't eat those things and will happily eat a bar of snickers maybe once a week rather than eat the cheapie products loaded full of corn syrup and sugar.

His daughter actually now has the same mindset as me and has noticed through not eating those things daily and walking more she has trimmed up she was never big at all but she's really slimmed down a good dress size. I would never tell my husband what to eat but i noticed when he stopped buying that stuff he lost a fair bit of weight, he started buying it again along with the whole hot gas station food on the way home from work he's slowly started to put all he lost back on. I have offered to do him lunches and healthier foods to eat on the way to or from work but he complained he doesn't have the time to eat on a break and by time he gets off work it's 2-3 am and he's just to tired to care and wants anything he can eat.

My name is Dave, I have MSA first diagnosed in 2012 however, I suspect I had symptoms before then.
Since then I have battled with weight gain.
I used to be quite physically active both at my job and I hit the gym 3 days per week usually about a minimum of 3 hours each session. My favourite pass times included cycling, hiking, and downhill skiing.
As my MSA/ataxic condition became worse it led to a more sedentary lifestyle, I lost my job and had to quit the gym. I had to give up my favourite pass time activities. Now I have to do physiotherapy.
Giving up all the benefits of an active lifestyle, I had to change my eating habits.
I prefer not to say I follow a specific diet, but rather that I’ve changed my eating habits. Eliminating foods that are heavily processed, and contain little or no nutritional value. Among the foods that I eliminated was dairy and breads/wheats. I had to come up with alternate sources of nutrients that these foods provided.
I guess one could say I follow more of the Palaeolithic diet. but my weight maintenance mostly comes from eating less, cutting back on portion sizes. I don’t think I ever really ate crap! Just too much. Occasionally, I try to reward myself with some sort of junk food.
It only makes sense, as I become less and less active, my body requires less food. If you don’t drive your car, it does not use gas!
As part of the symptoms of MSA, I battle constipation. Therefore, I try to consume foods that digest well and pass easily through my system.
The take home messages are many, but I feel for the ataxian the less active you become, eat less. Exercise,! Often times exercise can become difficult due to ataxic issues, do what you are able. You may have to alter your exercises or resort to some sort of physiotherapy as I did. There are many disagreements and/or theories on how certain foods may effect human’s sources of obtaining nutrients. But there is no argument that our bodies benefit from whole, un-processed foods such as fresh fruit and vegetables.
Try to stay healthy my friends!

Food is very difficult for me. Most foods and/or food additives affect my SCA 8. I live on fish, meat and chicken with only salt and pepper for seasoning. Then I can have some green vegetables steamed with water and lettuce with no salad dressing. And all medications by mouth affect me too. This is a tough disease to deal with!