Tight Calves

I was wondering if anyone else with SCA experienced tightness in both their calf muscles? I've had SCA,type six.for eight years and lately my calf muscles get tight,NOT cramps.

yes, I have very tight calves - in my case I have hyperextension in my leg (walking like double jointed/looks as if I have MS. Looking for a good stretching exercise for this, know of any?


I stand & hold a chair back or wall,then stand on my toes,then back flat footed.Do this till you get tired.

Tried to get in touch with the physical therapist to see if they have some exercises and tips to stretch out. I stretch my calves out every day. A therapist I saw show me some exercises I can use the stretch them on stairs

Stair stretches for me also, anything to drop the heels and flex the foot upwards, for calves. I stretch all my muscles, as they get very tight! ;o)

Could the tightness also be caused by a vitamin or mineral deficiency of some soft (low potassium, iron,zinc,ect?)

Totally agree with Jack..STRETCH. However, in my humble opinion, weight-training, which includes a calf component is very effective. I have been working with a Personal Trainer for 7 years. I see him 7 days a week. He tailored a program for me which included both stretching, with and without weights--a bonus for me was using the non-weight stretching exercises regularly at home. Like Rose and Jack, I use the stair method.

I have SCA13, massage helps my tight calf muscles. I rub my feet and calves. It's so weird to have tight muscles with no exertion.

THANKS to all who replied to my question!

How about yoga stretches? I do Downward Facing Dog to stretch my calves.

I don't know if this a symptom of my ataixa of not.I plan on making an appointment with my DR. tomorrow & see what he has to say.I will post the results of my doctor visit as soon as I find out something .My calves are in a "knot" right now.I've only had this problem for a little over a month.I'ts not cramps or painful,only tightness

In my humble opinion, I think "tightness" in muscles is related to ataxia. I can be sitting in the car (as a passenger) and my muscles (in arms, legs, neck, hands) start to tighten on their own, I have to tell myself to relax them. I do, and then they start to tighten again! My husband notices this if we're holding hands, because eventually I have him in a death grip...,ha! Also, if I'm sitting in a chair at a restaurant, when I get up I have to hold the edge of the table, and stand for a couple minutes, as my leg muscles are so tight. I have to allow them time to loosen before I grab my cane and walk. Of course, you may have something else going on, so I think you're wise to see your doctor!

Yes. I have SCA6 and over the past few months the tighness in my legs and feet has really become apparent. As you say it is NOT like cramp


I get terrible calf cramps that feel like toothache in my legs. I also suffer from spastic foot occasionally. I hate that as there is nothing that I can do to help it, it just goes as quickly as it came and hurts like hell. I have SCA6 too. xx

I gueaa we'll just have to live with it then!