Core Strength

Building stronger core muscles ( stomach and side) can make being more vertical easier but fatigue can hinder it , there is no definite answer ,
Trying to hold proper posture builds muscles, stand & sit straight hold stomach in , even if holding on to some one or using a mechanical aid, it is uncomfortable at first but as you do it more it begins to adapt and does build muscle. Muscles are there to support our skeleton

John, great advice. There are also yoga exercises that strengthen the lower and upper intestinal walls.

So true. The yoga exercises I mean actually strengthen the intestinal wall, which can become porous, can result in Leaky Gut, which can lead to Ataxia.

Amen John. I do weight training M-F: Upper body on Monday, Wednesday and Friday and lower body on Tuesday and Thursday for 45 minutes. In addition I do my elliptical on 6 days a week M-S for 30 minutes. That's equivalent to 2.5 miles per day or walking 5,000 steps per day. Elliptical becomes easy for us because at you have handles that you hold on to and at the same time your moving legs, you can move your arms for a greater workout. It definitely makes a difference.

Hey JC - great info. Thank you for starting this post!

Also, I just read something (if I can remember and/or find the article, I’ll post it) that involved increasing the core strength in unconventional ways and ways that aren’t strenuous; just a change in how we do certain things.

For example, lay on your back instead of sitting; apparently gravity helps “suck in” the stomach muscles rather than our tendency to slouch when we’re sitting.

Another thing was to cross the legs when sitting; I don’t remember the entire thing, but it has something to do with engaging the core muscles when you cross your legs vs. just blobbing out.

I have noticed since I started hydrotherapy and using my treadmill/exercise bike core strength has improved, hence balance has improved. I do around an hour's exercise one way or another most days. I agree so much with James that it's much easier with something to hang on to. Now that winter is approaching, I've added "weights"....I bring the wood in for the fire each day...:)

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I love to hear other's tips on exercising/moving to help our ataxia! Go girl/boy! Wahooooo!!!!!

Ran acrossed this by pure accident:

Learning gradually that building core strength helps improve many not-so-logical things like slurred speech, hand tremor etc. Please do share your positive experiences.

Hi :slightly_smiling_face: You can find links to previous discussions about Core Exercise, by typing core in the searchbox (magnifying glass top right).

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A good core exercise even while sitting is by doing an isometric exercise. Pull in your stomach as much as you can trying to touch your back with your stomach. Obviously you can’t. Hold it as long as you can. It gets easier the more you do it. Do it a few times a day.


I like everything on this site, but the core exercises are especially good

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:slightly_smiling_face: i’ll attempt these tomorrow. I just had a quick click onto them, and the first picture made me smile…Last week I attempted to lie flat and raise my legs :joy:. better luck tomorrow :wink: