Ataxia’s Susceptibility to covid19

I have had sca6 for over 10 years I’m just wondering how compromised my immune system is if I were to be infected by this Coronavirus, would my chances of surviving coved19 be the same as a healthy individual my age ?


I’ve been looking for solid information about this as well. A long time ago I worked as a secretary for an allergy and asthma specialist. I’ve been able to read some of the scientific reports on covid19 just from my memory of medical terminology (a more useful skill than I would have thought!)

*Covid19 may be a virus with permanent effects. The best analogy for this is to think about herpes. A person may get the chicken pox, oral or genital herpes, or shingles in their lifetime. Having one form doesn’t mean you can’t get another, and you can have symptoms after being asymptomatic for a long time. Being under physical stress can cause an “outbreak” of a form of herpes.

*No one “knows” if covid19 will behave like this, since there haven’t been long term studies. But people looking at the rna keep saying it is “HIV-like” or “herpes-like”.

*We do not have respiratory problems from an Ataxia until we’re in the late stages. At that point, frankly, you need to be making your peace anyway.

*Having a chronic condition like an Ataxia will exhaust your body, making it harder to fight off other illnesses. This was taken as fact at my old clinic for people with allergies and asthma. They may not have standard compromised immunity, but we would often treat them for allergies and their asthma or recurrent respiratory infections would improve. This was because their bodies had more energy to devote to breathing.

I am personally trying not to overwork myself, and I’m making sure to take my allergy medication. I’m trying to sleep and eat regularly. Distract myself so I’m not too stressed out.


Great info. Thanks! Stay safe!

so knowledeabe you are. I must have been born with sca2, as heavy asthma as a kid, allergies, eczema…My asthma wasn’t really asthma, showed itself like one, since my sca2 activated in my 40s, find a shortness of breath///As a kid had a compulsory yearily spirometry ordered, my length of breath monitored. not ON ANY INHALORS NOW, but easily caught cold and coughs… and I cannot agree with you mlre. You precisely knowwhat it is all about. As for Covid 19, nobody KNOWS MUCH. we have to wait and see, stay safe, obey precautions, think positive and remember CAN DO ONE’S BEST only.

Great to here that you have been looking for more info on covid19 I regard myself pretty fit and and in good health except for my ataxia . My concern is that last year it took me over 6 weeks just to shake off a Cold,and that just a cold can effect me so bad, my thinking is what would this covid do to me if Were to get it

Seriously folks, please don’t put the cart before the horse.

too true Paul2, it took me 2 weeks to shift the cold and cough…before max a week, but that was prior to ataxia. JUST DO YOUR BEST RE PRECAUTIONS that/'s all anybody can do, count with a possibility of getting it, cannot even give you symptoms, perhaps shivers like flu. wait and see…nobody can foresee.I EVEN RECOMMEND PRAYING IF you are religious. Everything helps, mainly STAY POSITIVE, TAXING time ahead, but we need to get through it.I am agnostic, but if it helps to your keeping hair on, do it…I try to stay fit -exercise, walk with my walker/rollator…avoiding people altogether…good nutrition, cook. sleep, basically looking after myself!

true, but do your best re precautions. and still you can get it. chances are lower.mainly stay fit and positive. challenging times ahead!