Crafting keeps the mind and hands busy/Vickie Welsh

My Angel dolls are made with hard covered books I have so far made at least 60 of my dolls. Kept me busy so as not to think so much. My wreath flags I design and make for anyone wanting one at a decent price. The items I charge for so it gives me money for materials and spending.
If your into some type of craft trust me it keeps me doing good things.
And what really gives me a good feeling is surprising someone with one of my Angels.
I guess what I want to get across to people is the busier you are the less you dwell. Have fun crafters…


:slightly_smiling_face:I was at the NAF Conference in San Antonio, and people donated craft items for the Silent Auction. It was my first Conference and I had no idea what to donate​:slightly_smiling_face: We were on holiday before the conference so I used the time to crochet a lap rug. You’ll not be short of ideas for a Silent Auction Vickie​:wink:

Gremlins at work again with the emoticons🙄