Tough time starting the day

I was playing with my peg board this morning. I just could not get my fingers to move well. Feeling generally frustrated with my condition. I know God loves us all but I still wonder why we are in this predicament. Thanks for your support.

I hear you! Perhaps a good warm up before tackling your pegboard would be to get some modeling clay and pinch and roll it in your fingers for five or ten minutes to begin with…at first the clay will be stiff but your body temperature will heat it up and ill be easier to manipulate. It can be fun and creative as well if you buy a multi-colored pack of modeling clay…not the grey clay…that dries out…and please keep posting to get shots of encouragement! :sunglasses: JD

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Thanks so much. I have green clay and will gove it a try.

Geri Spaulding

My fingers have a mind of their own too😏 I don’t have a peg board, I’d really struggle with that but, I have been doing some colouring in as mindfulness😉

The result is felt tip pen marks where I’d rather not have them😉 My pens are really nice, a good brand but the caps are so difficult to get off😏

But, against all odds, I managed to stay within most of the lines and I like the patterns🙂

Keep twiddling your fingers, and keep them warm🙂xB

Thank you, Beryl. I’m not too good at coloring right now as it’s very difficult to hold a pen. However, I will certainly keep twiddling. I really appreciate your support. It definitely helps.

Geri Spaulding

At present I’m attending a conference…will write more Monday! Have a good weekend! Judith

Geri🙂If you like twiddling finger putty🙂

Quality silicone putty for finger strengthening and hand exercise needs.

Non Toxic Unscented Non Oily Latex Free


Thank you, Beryl. I’ll look into it.

I’ll write more regarding the modeling clay, now that I’ve seen a couple of your comments…takes me a bit to type…I’ll do it offline and then paste and copy! JD