does anybody with cerabella attaxia get dla and are worried about the upcoming change to pip

I do at the moment.

but what happens when pip comes in I had a medical with atos in 2011 and was awarded dla indeffitly but that could change

Don,t worry.Am sure ataxia will qualify for Pip.I hope so anyway.I can't talk or walk so would be useless to anyone anyway. Have CA.

I have seen a draft off the questions on benefits and work site and the questions are black or white don’t take into count pain and discomfort

I am worried about change over. I could do with decent powerchair but daren't use my DLA to get one through mobility in case they decide I don't qualify under new rules as I'd have to give it back and lose the £2,500 deposit and everything I had paid for it up till then.

I'm trying to get equipment i need to stay independant before the change over incase I have to live on much reduced income after. It is a worry!

I am worried because I use it to pay my mortgage

I am using my teachers pension lump sumto build a conservatory as I can no longer walk and talk.I do however like reading in the sun.I hope the changes are not going to be too drastic.I have to rely onmy husband to filll in all those forms as I cannot write. What a crock but I am worried that Ataxia is not black and white so will have difficulty with some of the questions.Will need some advice on this when the time comes.I expect a lot of us will be in the same boat!!