Applying for DLA?

Up til now I haven't.. I have continued to work and manage. However my episodic ataxia appears to have morphed into all the time ataxia plus peripheral neuropathy and some other unpleasant stuff and I am finding it harder and harder to do any stuff.

It seems unlikely I will be able to continue to work in my current job long term but I can't afford not to:(

Is it worth me applying for DLA and if so, what is the best way to get the right supporting evidence?

Any tips welcomed. I hate that it has come to this as I have managed for years but :(

Hi, Even if your working you may still be entitled to DLA. It takes time so apply for it now. Make an appointment with Citizens Advice for help filling out the form. Its a long form and can take a couple of hours to fill out. Make a list of any medications and also make a list of anything that your condition makes difficult for you to do, this will make it a lot easier for them to fill out the form. Anyway don't wait and always fill out the form as if its your worst day. Good Luck