Update on PIP


Heres a exert from an email I received yesterday Social welfare training.

PIP enhanced rate mobility- After consultation, the government has decided (in a 62 page response) that it is keeping the stricter rules to qualify for the enhanced rate of the mobility component. Descriptor 2 will require a client only to be able to walk 20 metres as a maxmium to qualify.

Migration- The government has issued regulations which alter the dates when natural migration will take for claimants of DLA to PIP. Originally set for the start of October 2013, then moved to the end, the government now state that natural migration will only begin when they are ready. There will be a phased introduction, with further specific details yet to be announced. This affects those turning age 16 or where their DLA is a fixed term award coming to an end or where they volunteer to move to PIP early or there is a change in circumstances so that the claim needs to be reassessed.

heres the link to the 62 page response:


Link to issued regulations regarding migration:


I should think nobody has anything to worry about regarding Ataxia & PIP as Ataxia is a rare disease.

If individuals would like to recieve the email please subscribe at: http://www.socialwelfaretraining.co.uk/

Sarah x

Interesting information, thanks Sarah! ;o)

Thanks for posting this.

I think it's time to get angry with this government!

Yes, i have had Ataxia 41 years now always kept myself well and drag myself off to work everyday and this is how the government treat individuals who have this condition through no fault of their own. I work with people who neglect their well being and physical health they get everything benefit handed to them. Grrr makes me so angry.