Depth perception

I notice I am a nervous wreck riding with people. I don’t notice it when I drive. I’ve been told is due to depth perception being off. Does anyone deal with this? What’s your story?

I do alright on depth perception but my wife boy has a problem with his sight and when I drive with him next to me I see him stiffen up and react at different things like tail lights and a car turning or he lets out an Oh no. The problem with this I see is when he makes an exclamation I right away have to look everywhere to see what the problem is.

I have noticed that. Its hard to explain, but when someone else is driving , it looks like they are too close to other cars,or something

I noticed that I`m fine as a passenger, but my deteriorating co-ordination makes driving difficult for myself. Ataxia affects us all in many different ways.

I can not look out the window while in the passenger seat, it makes me dizzy