Disastrous 24 hour bug

A few days ago, my five year old got a stomach illness. Throwing up for about a day, and then sporadic diarrhea since then. He dealt with it pretty well.

The day after he got it, I started feeling a little gross. One hour later, I was puking and dry heaving non stop. I had to go to the hospital and get fluids, 5 hours after it began. My husband got it when we got home from the hospital.

I went from walking and talking normally, to instantly having to drag myself across the floor and cave woman grunting one word sentences. I have a walker for bad days, but it was useless. It was amazing how bad it got so fast.

Everybody get your flu shots and if you hear someone is sick, stay the hell away.

Big wake up call.

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I thought that I was going to die last Friday night. Running (doing the best that I could do) to the bathroom many times during the night meant not too much sleep. Two days later and I still have no energy plus Iā€™m still weak. Just want to sleep and NO appetite.

:woozy_face: Before I had a chance to get the Flu shot, I was overtaken by actual Flu :roll_eyes: It really floored me, and it was a good 2/3 weeks before I felt anything like myself again :confused:

My new Neurologist also said to get a flu shot . I never believed in getting it but with having Ataxia has taught me not to take a chance.

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