Do you have low body temperature as a symptom?

My body temperature has always been low and I feel like I have a fever if my temperature rises to just over 37 degrees celcius which is normal for most. The doctor has never really been interested in my theories about my temperature but whenever I have complained of having a fever have been told I am fine. I am curious as to whether this is common??

Humm ... what is considered 'VERY LOW' to you? As I understand it, the true core body temps (not what you think or feel, but in REALITY) will vary only a little in HEALTHY LIVING human bodies - most of our internal organs will only operate in this 'small' window. Another guess, I think you are confusing what your actual body temp (internal core temps) with feeling cold or having cold feet/hands. If your actual body temp is very low, I'd have that symptom checked cause it could be a dangerous thing.

Just my .02


PS I 'FEEL' just the opposite and I sweat well;)

Thanks for the response David. I may not have explained what i meant very well. My temp normally is around 36 degrees Celsius when measured on a normal day instead of the usual 37 and it was like that before I began experiencing the many ataxia symptoms. If my temperature rises to 37 I usually feel extremely unwell with fever symptoms that my children for example would normally have with a temp of 38 or higher. Maybe it is just because I am not all that healthy. I have brought it up with doctors but they don’t really listen I guess that is because usually they measure your temperature when you are unwell and if it’s around 37 when they measure it they say it’s normal and i dont understand then why i feel so ill. i’m not sure if this clarifies it. Anyway I was just curious as to whether anyone else with ataxia symptoms also has this?

Yes, i have got also such a low temperature. When having more than 36,6 degrees Celsius, this means illness.

When i was in hospital for chemotherapy for leukemia i had a few times more than 39 degrees. This was sepsis. So i know that i can have this temperature. But not in normal times. Maybe its an advantage being sensitive for the tiny elevations of body temperature. Then i know earlier than others when something is wrong with my body.

But with the doctors it s a problem. When i am caring for my health and trying to do some prevention for severe fever, i should get help and not be neglected be doctors. Similar sometimes happens to me in the clinics, not with my general practicioner.


I have this too, yes.

A few years ago, I had just one doctor who addressed it and it finally made sense to me.

According to him, body temperature is like pretty much everything else: it varies slightly from individual to individual. Up to a degree or two either way would still be within a normal human range - at least in terms of temp taken by mouth or under the arm. I'm not certain about core temperature, although there has to be at least some variation there as well, I imagine.

For those with a slightly lower temperature, their fever could actually be the normal temperature for someone who has a higher base temp. That said, most doctors just go by the textbook temperature 'average,' and if you don't match that, they don't see it as being a problem. Which most of us have to deal with for everything else, too, so I suppose we shouldn't be surprised, yeah? :-/

If I wanted to know out what my normal temperature is, that same doc told me I should take my temp a few times a day for a few weeks to find MY normal. Also, one's temperature changes during sleep, as well - i think it's higher, but I can't remember for certain any more. It'll vary slightly during the day. I ended up doing this just to see and yeah, my temp. was consistently lower on a daily basis than the average.

Not that this helps much at the doctors unless you get a really good one who'll listen, but I figure more knowledge is never a bad thing.

Very interesting - I have never considered this to be a symtom of my diagnosis of Cerebellar ataxia but I certainly have problems with overheating disturbing my sleep.

It is definitely interesting. I don’t have a diagnosis yet just symptoms which are getting worse over time. I have been seeing my GP since i was about 14 and i’m reluctant to change because he knows me so well but i have found it extremely frustrating when he won’t consider things that I think may be important.

I’m pretty in tune with my own body and fairly realistic. I would just like the doctors to be more open about saying - hey yes you do have symptoms, sorry the results from the tests we have done so far don’t explain them I am unable to explore it further but here is a referral to someone who might be able to help.

Finally this year i got my first referral to a Sleep specialist and for once a doctor is listening. After a sleep study confirmed my RLS and noted PLMS and chin movement during REM sleep he has referred me to a neurologist and for MRI to investigate possible MS, cause of Ataxia symptoms and hypersomnia. He will also be doing a further sleep study to see if I have narcolepsy. He has also said that it is worth doing more testing but that it’s possible that they will still not be able to find out exactly what’s causing my symptoms.

I will continue to do my own research in the meantime. Thanks everyone for your responses :slight_smile:

I have a lot of problems with very low body temp. I get cold really easily. It has gone as low as 91.5 but most times when bad runs around 94.0 normal for me is 96.8-97.0 . I feel really really really sick when it plummets. I have always figured it was just one more autonomic instability I have to deal with. Also interesting is that if I take ginseng my temp can spike high! So again it just seems like some instability and I know I'm ultra sensitive to supplements, and medication.

This temperature instability could perhaps seen in the frame of "Autonomic Disfunction" , see the articles i have found:

i have had often the feeling of a low body temperature some time ago (4 to one year). the feeling that my body was not able to keep me warm. So i had to take al lot of warm clothes and plaids till i was warm again. After being warm i could hold my warmness for a time. But i never meseared my body temperature, i thought this was just a personnally experience..