Heat control

Heat control- is it ataxia?

Just wondering if anyone else having trouble getting very hot?

It started with a bug and I kept getting hot and feeling sick about a month ago. But it has not really gone. I do not feel as sick but definitely feeling very hot.

I had a hysterectomy many years ago and have been on HRT ever since so I do not think it is menopause.

sorry, mine is menopause.

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I have heat problems, it was just nite sweats but now It happens a lot during the day. I have to undress when it happens during the day or I start freezing my butt off. I have never said anything about it to the doctor but now I am getting concerned because I read it can be caused by a number of bad ailments. Jerry


I seem to experience ‘cycles’ of getting overheated, without any exertion involved. But, also if I have exerted myself, which would be expected.
My menopause was 2004 but I know it’s possible for hot flushes to continue for many years, although this hadn’t been a real problem for me.
If I do experience a high rise in temperature, I try to rebalance as quickly as possible otherwise I can feel quite ill.
While having chemo sessions my temperature rose and I had to be hospitalised but tests failed to show any infection. SCA can be the cause of a variety of complaints, not all of them fully understood. Anything out of the ordinary that causes concern is best discussed with doctor, if they don’t have an answer, they should do their best to rule basic problems out and if necessary offer a referral.


I’m not sure if my over heating is ataxia related, menopause or just getting on in years.
I seem to overheat alot and when I do I find that all my symptons are worse.
I can’t stay out when the temperature is above 25 and humidity kills me.
I feel very disoriented, off balance, tired, sick to my stomach and get dizzy easily. My neurologist does not seem too concerned, he just says to stay cool.

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Thank you so much for all your lovely replies. Although it is good to know I am not alone I am sorry to hear of all your problems.

I try hard to keep cool and these are a few tips I use. My family tease me but I have found if I keep an iced cool block (the type you put in the freezer for cool boxes) between my legs (usually wear leggings) under my top it helps when sitting and to cool me in bed at night, when exercising a wet flannel around my neck helps too and a fan is good as well. Hope these help : )

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I was diagnosed with Ataxia last year and have been having hot spells lately! Going to talk with my doctor tomorrow!

Going through hot spells off and on, not sure if the ataxia is causing the “feelings of being in the oven like a turkey” or not. But the heat waves keep coming. I am also going through menopause too, so this could be the case… either way not a cool lady feeling the heat is too much at times…

I have the opposite problem I am freezing all year long. I am sweating a lot and have night sweats quite often. Doctors are no help for some reason said thyroid is OK. They drop the ball too easy instead of trying to see if there could be another reason. Jerry

I too agree that doctor’s don’t follow up on problems, they just say it must be ataxia related. An easy out for them !

I’m pass menopause so had blood work & checked my Ac1, I’m Pre-diabetic. Mixed feelings about it diet, exercise & blood check every 3 months but it was embarrassing to sweet doing nothing much. This web site helped:

Web M.D., according to this site u need to see ur doc.
My regular family Dr. keeps track of my health but she sends me if she can’t. I also have a Neurologist with Ataxia back ground too.
With Ataxia u have to be proactive!!!