Feeling cold

I feel so cold inside just now, even though my skin feels warm enou gh usual clothes warm house etc. Sat with blanket over legs but can’t get warm, feels like I have an ice cube on a pendant round my neck - anybody any ideas?

I have cold since about 2006, I had radiation on neck and think I have a problem with hypothyroid. I have had many tests but they only doT3 andT4 instead of a full thyroid. I wear a blanket all summer and more in winter, I am comfortable about 78 or 80 degrees. I am thinking of going to a local lab to have tests done and to hell with the HMO.

Just tried paracetamol and feel better, thin perhaps I’ve it of flu, as e had a boiler problem and so no naïf for Sunday this week! Still want to know about ataxia ald feelings though.

My feet feel like I have been walking barefoot in the snow! Even with three socks on :slight_smile:

:smirk: There rarely seems to be a happy medium for me, either I’m too hot and have to peel clothes off, or freezing cold and it takes ages to get warmed up :grimacing: My severe drop in temperature can happen during the warm weather too, so I think it’s ataxia related :smirk: So far, I’ve just gone with the flow, and haven’t mentioned it to my Neurologist. :slightly_smiling_face:xB

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I often feel this way, when I’m not burning hot. It’s one or the other. I have found no alternative other than a blanket on my feet. Let me know if you do.

My daughter bought me a small electric heat pad, I keep it on the sofa for emergency’s. Along with a big throw :slightly_smiling_face: xB

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I would try an electric blanket. I am in menopause so I’m having the opposite problem.

:thinking: I wouldn’t say I sailed through menopause, I was having ataxia symptoms at the time and totally confused. But, I have more ‘hot flushes’ now than ever before. And this is almost 15yrs later :flushed: xB

I’ve read somewhere that folks who share this condition can experience Raynaud’s disease, anyone experience this? My hands especially get cold but it’s hard to say if it is just normal climate that causes it. My feet always seem normal temperature, I haven’t worn socks in years. I wear crocs vs. boots or shoes regardless of the weather conditions, this is mainly because my feet and ankles are too swollen to wear normal shoes/boots.

I too have the very cold feet and body one minute and then boiling and sweating the next. I mentioned this (along with other strange hot/cold symptoms like cold neck-head-face; vertigo) to neurologist and he recommended an autonomic study. It was awful going through the study (tilt test) but it did reveal I have some autonomic issue. Since he autonomic system does control body temperature, this makes sense.
As for what to do? I’m constantly taking off and putting on layers.