Does anyone live in the tri-state area of n.j.?

the reason why im asking is ive noticed a change in my condtion [
cerebellar atatia] and dont know if its the weather. its been every day since feb. ive had 1 good day. the weather has been crazy here in n.j.been dizzy, have wide gait, headaches here and there,
feel drawn out, tired,dont feel like doing anything.

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May you and your support team have wisdom knowing what’s going on…j

I do, NYC. I have CA too. Don’t now if its related to the weather but lately its been worse.I’m sorry you’re going through this. Lucky its been a pretty warm winter-not much ice.

it isnt from taking dilantin is it?

I’m near Allentown, PA. My condition used to change with the weather but now I believe it’s just getting worse in general. I need to speak with the doctor about possible change in medication . My therapy starts next week which should greatly help. Hang in there bud. It’s a tough fight but we are here to help support you.

dont be surprised if p.t. doesnt help. some times it does and some times it doesnt. for me it didnt. its a fact p.t. might help.

Hi Bobby,

I am also in NJ but like Geri said “My condition used to change with the weather but now I believe it’s just getting worse in general” and you are absolutely correct in saying PT SHOULD help but it does not for me. In fact I get worse no matter how many times I do it. Hang in there!

FYI - PT changed my life, but make sure your therapist specializes in neurological conditions not orthopedic. I’m walking better, falling less. They may not be able to improve your condition but they can give you tools to use.

1 thing they did for me was to be more aware when i do about to fall witch does help a lot. but in some patients it is a proven fact that sometime times it helps at times

Yes, CA from about 15 years Dilatin use.
is that what yours in from? I don’t find PT helpful either. It’s frustrating.

linda, get off of it now. that what caused my CB. if you want get a hold of me and i can give you details. ■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■

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Hi Bobby, thanks for your message! I sent you an email-I hope you get it. I’m off Dilantin now but too late. Have been diagnosed with severe CA a few years ago. I just recently started dealing with this-the first year I was in shock and didn’t do anything about it.

Hi;Ron from Michigan,like many,I feel that weather greatly affects my Ataxia.A lot has to do with my fear of slipping in the snow & ice.

I live in NYC and find CA annoying and frustrating. PT’s really don’t help much. In fact, nothing helps. I agree that PTs make you more aware of your movements. I don’t buy all the talk re philosophy snd/or psychology bull. Right now I am in Jerusalem, Israel. I am trying to assess whether vertigo and dizzinessss r the same, N

Neta, for me, vertigo was much, much more severe-whenever I turned around I almost lost consciousness and had no control over my legs. I don’t find PT helpful either. I haven’t been to Jerusalem in so long-I’m jealous!

neta, vertigo can be worse than dizziness depending on how bad it is.

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Hey Linda, Don’t be jealous. I also found/find the vertigo different and worse

Thanks Bobby. But how does one get rid of it??

vertigo comes and goes. ataxia is 24/7. with vertigo there is p.t. that can help. i went through it but it didnt help me cause they found out i had ataxia.with ataxia dizziness you wont get rid of it


I know that ataxia dizziness is here to stay. But the vertigo comes from a
head fall, I think. Who can deal with this???