Does meditation help Ataxia?

Hi Everyone.. I am looking into doing Meditation classes and I was wondering if any one else has given it a try and what benefits you have felt from it.. Please let me know what you think! :)

Hey, Maggie.
I did some transcendental meditation years ago and I always thought it was beneficial.
Now, when I go to the gym, I get on the elliptical machine, close my eyes and try to visualize the area of my brain and kind of clear my thoughts as I am exercising. It’s very relaxing and it takes a little practice. When I’m finished after 20 minutes it feels good mentally and I have exersized as well. If nothing else,it makes the 20 minutes go by fast and I feel better after.
I say give it a try.

Hello Magdalena

Meditation is always good and I recommend a good breathing exercise..breath deep in right to your tummy and let out slowly, while concentrating on the thought: I am letting things go:) Kinda clears the mind, hugs from Holland, Elle.

I would think like that is healing for the mind and soul. Prayer, meditation,,,,they are calming and rejuvenating. I would highly recommend it! I like to spend some time every day in quiet time. It also helps to think about all the ways your life is good!

Yes, I do 30 minutes of meditation each day. It clears my foggy brain, is very relaxing and therapeutic...,I highly recommend it! ;o)

Odd. I did not know it, but I believe that I have been doing the same thing for some time. We call it "breath games". I do different types of breathy rythums while running and sometimes I relax into thought. It seems to mke the exercize and time go quickly and easily. -Silky

Hi - I try to meditate every morning. I started meditating for 15 minutes and now I’m upto .5 hour. Now, my goal is to meditate 2ce/day.

It helps me to clear my mind; it wakes me up somewhat; and it helps me to focus on what I need and want to focus on for the day and how I would like to see myself doing those things.

I just started doing both a more active meditation in addition to a more traditional “passive” meditation.

I meditate at least once and osmetimes twice a day along with diaphragmatic breathing (Google it).

The most simple meditation I have found it from a wonderful book called Your Mind Can Heal You by Roy Masterson. He also talks about healing relationships in this book and these audios. I highly recommend all of this as well as a Paleo diet.

Am I in Dreamland or what? There is something called an MRI and a cerebellum. The former really shows that the latter is shrinking or atophying to use a prettier word. Will meditation help? Yes, probably like some other New Age "cure". These range (I have been told) from having stronger orgasms to smiling alot. There is also alot of confusion: One person warns that eating meat is a must, while another says it causes inflammation. A/C (I am discovering) is a real condition. The only thing that will "cure" it, is, I suspect,is modern science or to be more exact stem cell research.. However The NYTimes this week mentioned Celiac and gluten and ataxia. So a gluten-free diet might be helpful for some.

Dear Neta, Meditation will not "cure" ataxia, unfortunately nothing will. It helps one feel better, as it's relaxing and therapeutic... ;o)

Neta do you have the exact date of the NY Times article about celiac and ataxia? If so, please title it in your post here.

Judita said:

Neta do you have the exact date of the NY Times article about celiac and ataxia? If so, please title it in your post here.