I came back after month and see the website has been changed

I had few pages bookmarked but they dont exists anymore

Can anyone point to youtube video or type of exercise needed for Ataxia


Sunny, Seenie from Moderator Support here. Do you remember there being links to exercises here? If so, they should still be available. Let me know and i will find out how you can access them if they were here before.

Hi Sunny:slight_smile: See www.ataxia.org fact sheet - Co-ordinative Physiotherapy. :slight_smile:xB

Here is a youtube series I found very good. It is a series of a woman named Sandi going through a 10 session series of exercises with a trainer and the progress she made. Very encouraging.

Search for "Sandi Training Cerebellar Ataxia"
The first of the 10 sessions is here:

Beryl and Steve, those are great links! I hope they’re the ones that Sunny is looking for.
We’re still getting used to the new platform. Did you get an email notification of this post? If so, could you post saying you did?

Yes I got the email notification for this.

This video links are good, I was looking for something “Feldenkrais Training”

Thanks everyone.