Double vision and squint surgery

I’ve had double vision for about 15yrs.

Over time the pupil in my left eye eased it’s way closer to my nose,
eventually being classified as a squint.

This week I had surgery to correct it and no longer have double

The surgeon put adjustable stitches into the muscle and tweaked
them until vision became single.

Yeah! This must feel wonderful, Beryl! I am happy for you!


Any relief is welcome amidst mountain of difficulties as we all go through. I am so happy for you. Let light and strength envelope all of us in our tough Ataxic Journey.

I was just thinking, Beryl, that there is a downside to this: no more excuses for eating two cookies at a time. Now it is one cookie! :wink:

That's great Beryl, I hope you weren't to worried about the surgery. I had cataract surgery on new years eve and I must admit I enjoyed it because the surgeon was teaching a student so he was explaining the operation as he went on. Enjoy your new sight Beryl because it must have been awful for you all these years x

I am so pleased for you Beryl

It's so good to see success stories!

Many thanks you lovely people :slight_smile: xB

Great news Beryl, sorted at last very happy for you.


Congratulations! I can imagine how wonderful this is. I have periodic double vision and we’re trying to figure it out better. I’ve decided that when tired my left eye doesn’t line up properly and causes the double vision. Also it doesn’t focus as well. Since it’s periodic likely there isn’t a solution but you’ve given me something to discuss with my eye doc.

That's great Beryl. You make it sound like a walk in the park. If I see someone put in contact lenses, I feel faint!

I am glad for you. My double vision started about 12 yrs or more and my left eye would almost completely close. But the double vision come and goes. Thank God the surgery went well.

Very happy for you that all is well.

Congrats, Beryl!

Congrats, Beryl! It's amazing that you suffered with double vision for the past 15 years, and after successful surgery, are enjoying seeing normally now! So happy for you..., ;o)

Hi beryl…
Good too hear somebody has good news… Just wondering I have double vision … I have glasses that work for the correction… I’m 11 base out prism… So eye of me eyes are goood but when trying to work together double vision… Close up work I’m still good just need specs when driving…

Beryl, I am very happy for you. I appreciate your input on this board & value what you have to say.
Thank you.