Cross eyes

As my name implies, I have cross eyes. It happened over a period of about six months when my eyes started moving. Eye specialist said he could alter it but it could happen again and that in my case, it would be impossible to do it accurately so he thought I was best off leaving alone until it causes big problems - which it doesn’t at the moment. I’m just wondering if anyone else has a squint.

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:slightly_smiling_face: From childhood my left eye was always ‘weak’. In my 40s I was diagnosed with Iritis and Uveitis in both eyes, and I’ve always wondered if this had been a side effect of medication (Epilepsy meds) for a misdiagnosis. These two things caused endless problems, particularly in my left eye, and resulted in double vision. Eventually I was referred to an NeuroOpthamologist, who at first tried Botox, and then ‘Squint’ Surgery to alleviate the double vision. The surgery was successful, although I still experience problems with bright light. :slightly_smiling_face:xB

Could it be Esophoria?

:slightly_smiling_face:No. Surgery was needed to repair complications due to Iritis. It involved pulling the eye muscle as taut as possible, commonly referred to as Squint Surgery. :slightly_smiling_face:xB

Corrective lenses with prisms can help with moved eyes, too. They help me.

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:smirk: I’d had a series of ever increasing strength of Prisms for years Linda. It was a difficult problem to solve due to inflammation caused by Iritis, but under normal circumstances Prisms would have been the answer. :slightly_smiling_face: xB

How much of a squint can they cope with. When I look straight forward with one eye, the other looks about 45 degrees to one side - it usually looks at my lovely nose. I’ve seen many doctors, eye specialists and opticians but none of them has ever mentioned prisms. One specialist though said that it’s best left alone as if they tried to correct it, they’d never be able to get it exactly right and it would be of no use whatsoever. Pulling the muscle taut won’t help me. As far as I know, ataxia has killed the nerve that controls the muscle. The muscle has probably died too from lack of use. Thank you anyway.

I have the same and have see all the eye specialists in N.Ireland the las of which was the vision clinic here who gave me a free lamp!! I find I can read by closing one or other eye.

Mate I have double vision it’s about 13 base out" one muscle controlling movement died… ask ur doc about it… surgery doesn’t help cause ur eye position depend on how tired u are…
Live with it… I have…

Jerry, hee hee. I do live with it and am quite happy really. I was just wondering really. My eye position flickers all the time. When I’m tired, it aches. It is also permanently red. It’s a source of amusement to everyone who see me so I make the world a happier place. :smiley::smiley::smiley:

Barney, I can only close my right eye properly. My left eye will only close when my right eye is already closed. Even then, it leaves a tiny gap at the bottom which sometimes keeps me awake. My wife went to town yesterday to buy herself a lamp. I’ve not asked her, but I would imagine she had to pay for it. :smiley:

Sorry to hear of your problems. The Vision Clinic here did try there utmost to help and suggested temporary help could be the closure for all light going to one or other eye :eye: to be provided by the insertion of a ordinary tissue between the :eye: and your glasses. I hope this helps.


I too have diplopia…I started seeing double in my early 30’s (about 5 years after my initial diagnosis). I have always has a weaker eye, but it was never a problem. Investigation by an opthamologist and several optometrists suggested a lesion in the brainstem, which I definitely have (as shown on MRI)
It came on subtly at first, more pronounced when I was tired or really stressed. It progressed, so that it is pretty constant. I wear corrective lenses (bifocal) and the addition of prism has corrected the diplopia. If I do not wear m glasses, my right eye tends to wander to the left, towards the midline.
Although lenses with prism are not cheap, the amount of prism can be varied depending upon the requirements. An opthamology clinic can help to determine what amount of prism is beneficial. Be aware that the requirements may change over time. However, this may be an acceptable fix that is convenient and non-invasive. Talk to an eye care specialist!

Thanks Charlabean - but I’ll leave it alone as the specialist suggested.

I have to close one eye so the words are right to read, if I don’t close my eye, the letters run together. Use to close one eye for reading, but now do it for other things. It doesn’t affect me, just may look strange to other people.