Double vision

i hv this problem and it's getting worse.

hv any of u tried these exercises and has it worked?

hi mas it definately will not hurt to try, however i have attended many neuro opthalmologists who prescribed these exercises which i did by the book but they did not help me! I was told it was part of having episodic ataxia it depends on how well i treat my eyes ie. reading too much or driving too much gives me double vision diamox has helped me somewhat but i find i have to be careful with exertion of the eyes .. so no small print for me! Im not sure if your double vision is present all of the time or episodically. I hope you get relief from it as i can truly empathise with you in what a pain it is to have double vision .x

I need to go my eye doctor every 3 months. My eyes seem to get worse and worse. I have Prisms in my glasses that seems to help some. My Physical Therapist also told me to make sure when watching TV I am looking head on (straight on) a the television. I always want to close my left eye so I don't see double.

I’ve had this problem for as long as I can remeber. I tried glasses but I’d have to go back every three months. Eventually I decided to just adapt to it, it takes a while but you do get used to it.

Hi! This is my first response on this support group. The very first sign I had of Attaxia was double vision and it got worse as time passed. At one time I had 8 prisms in my glasses. I got it corrected by surgery. The residual amount is bout 1.75 prisms now for last 4 to 5 years and has not changed since then. My left eyes is weaker than my right, but that is the case with my whole body too.

I have double vision. I tried exercises and prisms. It all depends on what causes it. The cause can be eye muscle weakness or something interfering with one or more of the nerves connecting the eye to the brain. If the muscles are weak, it can be from not using them enough or from a disease like Myasthenia Gravis. Then there are many problems affecting the nerves. Everyone of these problems requires a different treatment because there is a different cause. You need to see a Neuro-Ophthalmologist. I do not believe in prisms because if the cause or the diplopia is variable then a prism should be, too, and I do not how they would do that.

it gets worse when i'm tired