Dr. Clouse

his website is http://www.walkingwithataxia.com/

I have heard from Dr. Clouse:

I'm anticipating being there in the St. Charles/Wheaton area on or about Aug. 21 for one month.”

Dr. Clouse is planning on coming to the Chicago, IL area in August – specifically St. Charles, IL (about 45 miles NW of Chicago). We have secured a gymnasium for him to work with people. I also have some people who are willing to shuttle anyone who needs to take the train- both Elgin and Geneva depots are not too far away. We would need to know who is interested. He will set up an orientation meeting and then schedule sessions with each person from that.

Please contact me if you are interested.


Cynders, I would be interested, I have sent you a friend request to talk more. Thank you.