Information Via Thomas L Clouse, MD

I have been invited, and will be working with a few individuals in Ellesmere, England for the month of June. If there are others in the country wishing to work with me I can be flexible to do that by extending my stay and coming to ‘that’ area.

The duration of the extension would require one month and the requirements can be found on my website Go to the scheduling page and scroll down to read them.

Thank you, Thomas L. Clouse, MD

I am interested, does anyone live near Kent ? London ?

Hi Alan😊 Is it Ellesmere, Shropshire🤔xB

Hi Eileen😊I live near Newcastle upon Tyne🙂 Not exactly on your doorstep but in the UK😉
I sent an email to Tom, asking which Ellesmere it was🙂 According to the above link, he will travel to other locations if there’s enough interest👍xB

Thats the same question, I asked Dr. Tom Clouse.

Ellesmere, shropshire

It seems there is plenty of interest in this

Hi beryl
No your not near me, but if there’s enough interest maybe we could meet somewhere in the middle.

As I understand, Ellesmere, in Shropshire in just South of Wrexham
adjacent to the Welsh / English border.