Dr David Perlmutter Neurologist


Here is an audio link to the Gluten Summit with Dr David Perlmutter speaking on the neurological affects of gluten.

I have no connection to this FREE summit other than being interested in the subject.


I thought I knew a lot about this subject, but I've learned so much more. His book "Grain Brain" is good too.

yes I want,please

I am alone in world...care

My wife,her brother and her younger sister too,,,,,,,,,,

They'll be a whole week of this summit. They are only available online for 24 hours for each days schedule.

Hi Jule,

Yes, I read Brain Grain and try to follow it. I've eliminated guten, wheat, and sugar from my diet. I try to eat healthy with plenty of veggies and get in exercise everyday. I have nothing to lose by following this. He also wrote another book called Brain Recovery.Com. published in 2000 which I ordered. He has a practice in Naples, Florida and is accepting new patients. I'm interested in his bariatric chamber mentioned under the "stem cells" heading on his web page. If I remember correctly, he said something like, everyone has stem cells for repair within their brains. As you get older, you just don't release as many. The oxygen released in the barriatric chamber induces much more of those stem cells to be released. He has a website called PerlHealth.com or something like that.

I've read "grain Brain I also ordered another book of his call BrainRecovery.Com from Amazon.com. He see patients at the Perlmutter Health Center. Website is something like PerlHealth.com. I'm also interested in his hyperbariatric chamber. Click on Hyper Bariatric then stem cells. The theory is that everyone has brain stem cells to repair but as you get older, you don't release as many. The oxygen you get from hyper bariatric chamber, induces much more stem cells to be released.

I'm following his book. Not eating gluten, wheat, sugar, and reducing carbs, and getting plenty of exercise. I have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Sorry for the double post. It's confusing.

To view this summit you must first sign up (it's free) @ theglutensummmit.com

Then you'll receive an email with a link to the currently available presentations.

Good stuff "Bar128". I may have to check out the hyper bariatric chambers. Sounds interesting.

Thanks for the link, Julie! ;o)