Dwp tribunal

Hi everyone, Had to go to a Tribunal this week for the DWP. Had a medical last November and although the examiner stated I was unable to work he also stated that I could do everyday tasks fine!
OMG! I was in agony on the day and unable to stand for more than a minute. My ataxia is now progressing so fast I don’t know my left from right and in constant pain. Anyway, I appealed the decision in January gone and lost. I asked for a Tribunal as I was so mad he did not take into account the flucuation of my ataxia or my cognitive degeneration. Which all examiners are supposed to! Even though I had extensive medical reports this wasn’t enough for him.

I have won my Tribunal with the help of Voiceability, my GP, and Ataxia UK who gave me a full and clear support letter about my condition and it’s effects,
The assessors changed some of the examiners statements as they were totally and utterly WRONG AND MISLEADING. Bloody Attos Healthcare is a joke. I have also had my PIP points doubled and got a verbal apology on the day from the assessor and sitting doctor.
This is happening with a lot of ataxia sufferers ATM but don’t except understanding from the DWP. They want everyone off DLA, as much as they can anyway,and you may have to go through it with them. The whole process took over 6 months and I was a nervous wreck. Absolutely horrendous!
Sorry this is so long but I felt I had to tell you in case any of you are going through this wondering what to do. X
Voiceability is a free service which gives help with Advocacy. They were marvellous.

Hi Dollface! (cute baby pic)

How awful for you, this sort of thing must be humiliating.

While I can do most everyday tasks, some in a fashion, I am unemployable.

I've never applied for DLA, although I'm nearing the cut off point age wise

and probably should be considering it. planning ahead wise.

But after what you've described I don't think I could put myself through the

process. I don't know anything about this whole thing, does this mean you

have to exist on benefits from now on?

My SCA is 'undefined'.