Estate planning

Has anyone worked with an estate planner to make sure that finances, etc are all in order before the disability gets really bad? How do you go about finding someone who might have the right kind of experience? Thanks.

hi there,

im working on my estate at the moment as I was a city trader in finance in London

so fortunately I know a bit about finance , if you want I can offer some help and I know a few people in this field of work.

where are you from ?



I havent got any estate but interesting subject.


Luck !
Watch out for ripoff merchants !
Preferably somebody you know.

Great advice Bernard, especially due to all the scams going on these days! I'm a trusting, gullible type, although I realize one can't be too careful! My husband works for a major university hospital with people that do wills and estate planning, for a cost, so I assume we'll take advantage of that. Good thought Louise, as it's something I haven't thought about until you brought it up...,thank you! ;o)

First, thank you all for your posts. I haven't been active here for a while because I've been so busy trying to adjust to my new diagnosis (sca3). I met with a social worker who directed me to look for an estate planner/eldercare attorney. My husband and I attended a free informational workshop and felt that we were in the right place. The attorney was familiar with different plans that will fit our needs very closely. And don't assume this is for people with huge estates - we're pretty normal. We wanted help with wills, life directives, trusts and disability issues.