Famous celebrities with Ataxia

Does any one know of any famous celebrity that has [had] Ataxia?

I was surprised to learn on a pbs program about Bill Nye the Science guy that his dad and brother & sister I believe have Ataxia. He doesn’t but it looks like its definately in his family.

i think people with Parkinson’s and MS have ataxia, but the more severe diagnosis is the one that’s stated.

Yes, that is very possible.

Linda Ronstadt has severe Parkinson’s. I’ve never heard of a celebrity with spinocerebellar ataxia. It is so rare.

Micheal J. Fox, star of t.v. show Family Ties and Back to the Future among other shows. Has Parkinson’s which has ataxia as a characteristic. He has become quite active in Parkinson’s research. He has injected himself into the Parkinson’s society and advocates on a regular basis. I don’t know of any other stars or public figures afflicted with any other type of ataxia specifically.

Unfortunately, that’s what I was referring to. ATAXIA the illness and not ataxia the symptom. But it is very rare. I was hoping for a present person because we need a voice.

If you read further down he describes it as ataxic cerebral palsy

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:slightly_smiling_face: If anyone is going to the AtaxiaUK Annual Conference this year in Derby, they’ll be able to meet James Moore :slightly_smiling_face: xB

Bumping this topic. Time has passed. A spokesman would be a big plus since Ataxia is kinda unknown. We need constant conversation such as Michael Fox with Parkinson’s.

:thinking: As previously mentioned, Bill Nye ‘the science guy’.

But while Nye dreams of outer space, it’s his own DNA that worries him.

Copied from www.cbs.com

“My family has an affliction called ataxia,” he said. “My sister has it real bad. You walk like you’re drunk. And my sister has a walker. That’s how she goes everywhere. And apparently it’s not a strength thing. It has to do with your balance, which comes from your cerebellum.”

“But you don’t have symptoms of this?”

"Yeah, I do. Two years ago I noticed it

“For someone who sees this from a scientific viewpoint is this a bit scary for you?” asked Braver.

“If you’re not scared of this, I don’t know what you’re scared of.”

But one thing he thinks can stave it off is exercise, which is why you’ll often find Nye at Rusty’s Rhythm Club at a local Elks Lodge, swing dancing the night away.

Braver said, “The last place most people think Bill Nye the Science Guy would be is on a dance floor at an Elks club!”

I think Donald Trump may have ataxia , watch him walk down steps or stairs he watches his feet closely and holds the hand rail also he need assistance while negotiating ramps. Add the occasional slurring of words while making speeches and you have the classical symptoms of Ataxia.
What do you think ?

Even if he really has it, there is absolutely no way that he would admit that he has a neurological problem. That’s just the way he’s built. Just look at how he has reversed himself with the election coming up. Not being political here, just expressing an opinion.

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OMG, so that’s his problem. Hmm.

Don’t get me started on Trump.

Chas521 is right. We need a spokesperson for Ataxia. Doctors don’t even know about it!

Ooooohhhhh…careful there! We try to stay well away from politics and religion on Ben’s Friends: long experience has taught us that when conversations head in that direction, it never ends well.

We do have a section on each community for religious thoughts and discussions.
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Maybe we need another area for political discussions? No, I don’t believe we’re going to go there. LOL

Seenie from Modsupport and Admin

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I stayed away from politics since it isn’t helping anyone. But I still would like a spokesman.

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But yes, having a celebrity spokesperson really helps with recognition of a rare disease. I have Psoriatic Arthritis, and people still say “Oh, that’s what that golfer whatsisname has.” Yes indeed: Phil Mickelson put our disease on the map.


I totally get it. Sorry.

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Okay, one of us will have to become famous. (I call not-it)