FDA Issues Warnings About Dietary Supplements Claiming to Treat, Cure Alzheimer Disease

I’ll bet this happens all too often for all diseases. All the more reason for one to be weary of wonder drugs that claim to cure what ails us. Be vigilant in researching products and supplements really well.

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:neutral_face: Stem Cell Therapy as a cure for ataxia, also comes to mind.

I totally agree but some people are fed up with 0 progression of the advancement of potential agreessive drugs that pass the agreessive clinical trials. The drugs that do pass is very, very slow at being approved!
(So many drugs suffer the same slow activation that treat other diseases.) They rather die than stay alive dealing with Alzheimer’s! It is sooo detrimental!

Clinical trials may be slow but at least they’re done in the category of prescription drug treatment, and, they follow the basic guideline of “first do no harm.”

Supplements don’t even have to contain what they say they contain, there is ZERO regulation and even less testing. By and large supplements are a modern snake oil. You must be very, very careful with them at all times.