New clinical trial may be available soon


Thank you. Something to look forward to. I just called Johns Hopkins to let me know, if their site is selected for the trial.

There seem to be almost 60% that respond positively from a single infusion.

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Thanks for sharing. I have been patiently waiting for news like this. There is hope…:slight_smile:

Maybe I missed it but is this trial done by taking pills or with injection? Also, does anyone know of the downside [possible effects] by taking part in the study? Also, are doctor appointments necessary? Thanks.

So far, it seems that it is an infusion of stem cells derived from adipose tissues and not a pill. The positive effects from one infusion, usually is seen after one month and lasts for 6 months. About 60 % have shown a positive response. I don’t know when the phase II/III studies will start and which ataxia centers will be involved. Keeping an eye out.

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