What to Eat

Good morning, all. I’m reading about diet & exercise to relieve Ataxia symptoms. I like veggies & pasta. Rice is good, too. I hate to give up chocolate. Suggestions welcome" Thank you. :smiley:

Hi Geri🙂 Personally, I’m all for keeping meals simple, my memory span can’t handle recipes these days, even with written instructions in front of me😉

A balanced, nutritious diet is definitely the way to go, isn’t it?
I’m trying to cut out sugar but apart from obvious stuff like biscuits, cakes and chocolate(:wink:), I’m finding the hidden sugars hard.

The other day I made passata from scratch, so much nicer than store bought😋 And, I like to make veggie soups😋 Baked potatoes are very versatile, and I love porridge😋

I live in the UK, currently we’re experiencing a shortage of lettuce😳 Most supplies come from Spain, bad weather there has devastated crops, supermarkets here have limited customers to 1 lettuce each😳

This afternoon, I spent some time outdoors, trying to do some much needed exercise. Actually, I filled the wheelbarrow, then my husband emptied it😉 So, I have to confess that dinner is a ready meal, moussaka😋xB

Thank you, Beryl. Wow, a lettuce shortage sounds like a big problem. Enjoy your moussaka.