Free COVID tests

If you live in the USA, the government is mailing out free COVID tests. Go to:

EDIT: I just heard on the news that the government is giving out free N95 masks next week. I have no further details right now.

They are! Shipping is a problem with everything! There aren’t enough people to do the work!

Just had my second booster shot today. :+1:

:slightly_smiling_face: In the UK, my husband is over 75, and waiting to be invited for a 2nd booster, I’m still not sure if I’ll be given one.

In the US, folks over 50 plus immunocomprimised are eligible for the second booster. What is the criteria there?

:thinking: At the moment, Additional boosters are now being offered to people aged 75 or over, older people who live in care homes, and anyone aged 12 or above who is immunosuppressed.

As the positivity numbers increase. I’m sure that will change.

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