Frenkel exercises: "The brain as a whole learns to compensate for motor deficits in the cerebellum" Here is hope for those of you who believe you won’t ever improve. I just discovered this link and apparently Brian1952 has been telling everyone about this for a while. My balance has been improving and wasn’t sure exactly why. I knew it had something to do with going to Hawaii and walking in and out of breaking surf in sand. Now I understand why. When I started my pilgrimage to Hawaii a couple times a year I could only sit down (or fall down) at waters edge and scoot into the water on my butt. Coming out of the water was always on my hands and knees. I looked like a beached whale at times as I’m pretty overweight. Now I walk in and out of some pretty frisky breaking surf and rarely fall! If I do its sand and no damage done. These exercises confirm to me that repetitive movement and concentration can give back some of what Ataxia has taken away. Also I’ve found some flip flops that mimic walking in sand and definitely engage core muscles to not fall. They are very spongy and easy on the back but challenge your balance. I can go all day on concrete with these.


I go to a PT who uses Frenkel's approach to exercise. The place she works at is called Complete Balance Solutions.

Sounds brill is there a book or DVD available

maryseas said:

Thanks Maryseas, I do a lot of these exercises with Cassie as well as going to the gym. So far so good

You all are more diciplined than I am. When not going to Hawaii I have a hard time exercising other than working in my garden in the summer. The rest of the time I'm in front of the TV. This article encourages me to get off my butt in the winter when I slip backwards. I knew that my improvements had something to do with exercise, it's just nice to see someone agree in print.

As far as I know exercise is everything, so keep pushing yourself and do what you can Maryseas


Not only do I go to a PT and do my PT exercises 2 x day at home I ride a trike 20 miles 3 times a week. This keeps my blood

pressure down to normal it also helps my all around health. Here is what I ride.

Ok Steve I got the message :). I want one of those trikes. I’ve looked at them a couple of times and maybe it’s time to do more than look. My worry is about cars not being able to see me at such a low level on the streets. Ideas on this? I was thinking of mounting a couple of flags or something to be seen. Also the fact that I can’t see over cars would make me nervous. Been looking into where to ride that’s not next to traffic.


Fortunately I live near a bike trail I ride the on side walks so there is no issue with cars. I use one bike flag for any cars backing out of their drive way. I use one of the seat post to hold my flag. I love to ride my trike because it gives me a sense

of freedom and independence from my ataxia. You can go on the Catrike Forum for sale section there are good deals on

used trikes. There are many different models so you have investigate before you buy.


Here are two models on Catrike forum.

I go to pt/ballance theorpy 2 times a week… my theorpist says when i walk she can barly tell i have sca but i hardly ever write & when i try… u can tell my sca is bad! So i believe there is something to “frenkel exercise” although i never heard of this concept. However I was diagnosed OCD in 2008 in addition to sca! (so that might have something to do with my being so active…lol