Gene Therapy for Hereditary Ataxias?

Reading about future directions in ataxia research I am hopeful about gene therapy for treating hereditary ataxias. If they can get it working for one type it sounds like the method should work for others. I don't know much about this, but it sounds promising. Does anyone have any information about this to share?

There is interesting research is done by doctors everywhere. There is a lot of information out there some of it's good and some of its bad. I know there's a doctor in Boston in the beginning phases of stem cell research. If you find information about stem cell therapy from China, I believe that's a hoax. They are doing magnetic impulse treatment in Boston and I believe in the Midwest but this is not a cure just a treatment, hopefully. They are trying different drugs on people to see if they get benefit. I think the key is finding a doctor that's knowledgeable in ataxia and figuring out what works for you. Go to this website it is the national ataxia foundation's website, look at the links at the top of the page, there is one for research.