Getting Infections

I always seem to suffer with colds and throat infections.ive always been prone to them from a young age.I was wondering if mayb having episodic ataxia depletes the immune system.I eat relatively healthy food,plenty of fruit and vegetables(im vegetarian),and milk.I also take plenty of vitamins etc.Vitamin b complex,multi vitamin,flaxseed oil capsules,kelp.and vitamin c.I have a cold at the moment,and only last night my wife asked me,why do i get colds all the time when i take take all these vitamins.I know that living in the uk doesnt help,coz its always raining and windy.Mayb as we get older,our immune systems dont work so good.What i would like to know is,is everyone else prone to infections.could it be the ataxia,that makes my immune system weak,or mayb just one of those things,that i get colds quickly.Apart from the colds,im generally healthy.......marty

As I understand it, it's all about detoxing, You need to keep your bowels regular and drink plenty of fluids.

Also you need 7-8 hours sleep at night. Hours before midnight are more beneficial than those after midnight.

Bear in mind though that I was born in 1942 and my ideas are probably old fashioned.

Easy to try though?

Best wishes, Patsy :)

Have you tried a Probiotic? Michael Ward suggested I try Green Vibrance Probiotic and it seems to work well! And also I think Patsy is right about the water also! I read (and focus on doing more now) that just on waking we need to drink 2 glasses of cold water before anything elce (I put lemon in mine to cleans out my liver-at least that's what I've read to do) and put it on my phone for an alarm to go off thought the day to have 6-8 glasses more! :0) I read that adding lemon also helps keep colds away too because of vit C. Worth a try, it's cheep! :0)

Yes, I agree with Jeannie and Patsy. Drink plenty of water daily and the lemon is a great idea! Probiotics seem to help also to help keep one from illness. I have ataxia 24/7 but don't get ill very often, so I don't know if your colds are caused from low immunity or maybe you're just prone to them for some reason?

That could be Marty, as others spread germs. If you drink more water with lemon and take probiotics maybe you'll fight colds and troat infections better...I hope so!...Rose (P.S. I'm not germaphobic or anything...ha!...but I do use hand santitizer, especially after I push a cart at the store. I also use those wipes on handles of carts that the store provides and keep hand santitizer in my car. I've done this for years, so maybe it helps).

It's a horrible fact of life that some people are more ill than some others no matter how healthy, disabled or non disabled you are. Looking after the body is key to anybody..............I try not to analysis my Ataxia too much, eat healthy, exercise and avoid stress (try) I don't blame Ataxia for everything, ageing, mental health state and lifestyle plays a huge part.


Exellent, I didn't know that about diamox and lemon water. Another great thing! Thanks I'll remember that one! :0)

Marty said:

thanks jeannie,i do have probiotics sometimes.i know drinking water is important.i certainly could do with drinking water more.i will also put lemon juice in my water.i take the drug diamox to help control my symptoms of episodic ataxia,and i also read that lemon juice can help prevent the build up of kidney stones,which can happen with long term use of diamox.......marty

Marty, I just ran across this information and thought it might be really good to read about lemon's. Maybe this will help who knows? Check this out:

I thought so too reading this information. I'm going to incoperate more than I used to now! :0)

Great info. on lemons Jeannie! I added lemon to my water when I got up this morning. I agree with Marty as who knew lemons were so beneficial?