Gp surgery

hi,I went to my gp surgery today to make two separate for my wife and one for question is:when I made the appointments,the receptionist just sat at her desk,meaning that I had to speak in a louder manner than normal.which in turn means that those in the waiting room or behnd me can listen to my appointment was for a normal annual medication review.the receptionist did eventually get off her backside to hand me the appointment card...there are two other doctors at the surgery,and there receptionists come to the desk....surely its bad practice to make people have to speak across the receptionists room,without them facing you face to face to speak...surely its not common practice to let everyone in on your conversation..i know that I don't especially like people knowing my there anyone else who also has rude receptionists......thanks....

Hi Firefox :slight_smile:
GP receptionists seem to be either good, or bad. Patient privacy should be respected
at all times, it’s so hard to bite your tongue on these occasions.

I once stood waiting at the front of a queue, while the receptionist watched from across
the office and just carried on gossiping with someone at another desk.

It costs nothing to be pleasant but half the time these people are so abrupt.

Having said that, I wouldn’t want to do their job :slight_smile: xB

I dont think I have ever heard anything good about GP receptionists. The ones we have now are not unpleasant but.. they give wrong advice and the doctors get ratty as if it is our fault.

I would say write a letter of complaint but to be honest I personally cant be bothered.

I used to be very assertive and made complaints all the time but now I am retired, I jsut go with the flow.


Apparently they are not familiar with the HIPAA act. They could be in big trouble if they violate the act. Run a search for HIPAA act of 1996. It is somewhat confusing but they r to protect personal identifying info. If they are opening discussing your personal info in the open office area that is not right. You might want to check it out. There is a lot of info on the topic just have to find right site to explain it.

I have never had a rude receptionist in person, but have on the phone. I chalk it off to inexperience and lack of common sense. I am sure that person was not well trained either. She probably won't last long. I home yo complained to her supervisor.

I have had similar problems with other receptionists as well. Particularly in Government offices where there seems to be no regard for information the should be confidential.

I've had good an bad ones myself and I agree patient confidentiality is a must but some go above and beyond to ignore that. However the worst for us in the pharmacy my mum needed different type of caplets for painkillers as she couldn't open the foil ones the assistant starts shouting across the shop with about 10 other people waiting heard all about my mums disabilities an d problems rather than being discrete about it. Needless to say I was embarrassed for my mum she was mortified the assistant at the time was somewhat drug into small room and then made to stand and open every pill to place in user friendly pot while glaring at my mum and the head pharmacist apologizing profusely to my mum. She promptly switched to a different chemists as they were more polite and respected confidentiality big time.So can happen in any job which is sad to se respect an confidentiality blown out the water by people who should know better.

All receptionists are rude. They’re wired that way. I was a medical office manager and was continuously shocked how rude they can be. They are the first and last people you see at an office. To stop this from happening again, just state that you must stay in an exam room in order to make your appointments due to your medical issues. Be vague…they don’t have to know anything other than your wish to be somewhat private and not in the reception area. You, also, must bring this up to your doctor and let them know your experiance. There are the privacy act laws in this matter which every employee must read and sign to work in a medical office. Doctors want you to have a good experiance because happy patients make their days more enjoyable.