Repeated Poem for all who have to deal with Ataxia

This Poem was wrote on a day I was totally absorbed with thoughts on having Ataxia and how my feelings were at that time. It took 15 minutes to write. I had strong feelings on what I was thinking.

I know some have seen my poem but when I am feeling lonesome for my old way of life this poem makes me want to share and let others know I get these feeling just as I am sure we all do. The last part of the poem makes me realize that there are some out there who are worse off. God Bless Everyone. Enjoy my Poem!

Hi Vicky:-)
It doesn’t look as though the poem was posted. Perhaps if you review it you might see some process you missed? :slight_smile: xB

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Vickie Welsh

40 mins ·



Burden’s and Woe’s

I am ill and I am burdened with so many woes

Unable to think straight not knowing what goes.

So many I've talked with but what can they solve

It only makes life harder just trying to resolve.

I know many wonder why I keep things in

But only I know my intentions. I feel it is no sin.

Why burden them with explaining the grief I go through

It will only cause pain knowing there is nothing they can do.

The support from all loved ones gives me great pride

Just knowing they are here for me keeps me alive.

I try real hard to do for myself,

But at times I am thankful they are here to help.

Alone all day long I am lonesome and blue,

Keeping it to myself on what I should do.

Limited doing things while losing my steps.

Not getting done in my home I once kept

Please know, I ask for no pity for how I now feel.

It is what it is and I must learn how to deal.

I could wish on a star to get my life back

But then maybe, just maybe

Life might be worse than where I am at?

Vickie Welsh Diagnosed. 2010 with Cerebellum At

Thank you, I enjoyed. Jerry

Vickie, I would imagine you spoke on behalf of many of us :slight_smile: xB

Thank you Vickie this sums up my thoughts wonderfully. May I share it with others?

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