Group homes!

Does anyone know or ever heard of any type of group homes or assisted living facilities for a person with Ataxia, where others with ataxia live together in a community?

Do you mean such as the houses of L`Arche? There are also younger people living in contrast to the most caring homes or sheltered living facilities. They invite people with learning disabilities to join. The most ataxian people are learning disabled..

Sorry i could not copy the link into this forum thread. You can find them - also in GB - by Google - search. It s difficult to build up communities, Jean Vanier and some others were successful some decades ago. This could be a challenge for the ataxian people also to try to contribute to this form of living.

I never was in such a house personally,but i met some people in Vienna who lived there- in France - for some time. In Vienna there is only existing a community called "Foi et lumiere" (must be a name for that also in English), meeting monthly, of this provenience.

It was christian in the beginning, i think, but now it is open for all views. Probably you well meet here also some stressed supporters. The living together has made the l`Arche also for me interesting in times when i was not so disabled. Living for some time in such as house would be interesting also for me,don`t know if they would take my anywhere (e.g. in GB, not only in Austria) when i come from abroad and would not be able to work fulltime.

Good luck with your further search!


P.S. i know the founder personally. Because there was a world meeting of foi et lumiére so ten years ago, in Vienna. I joined as a volunteer, playing guitar in the mass and evening event...

I'm not finding much in Wisconsin. They have a lot of senior centers. Nice ones. But they do not allow kids. I have a 14 year old . But a lot of senior centers will take us because we are on disability. But no kids. Sorry can not help you out. Good luck! I'm tiring to. To find a place I can afford.


I´ve reflected a lot in within the last years about this problem.

Another solution as to go into a care center would be to try to establish one - small - in your home. It depends on the place you would have left for others living in your house. With a second person with diability the mobile services would be easier to obtain and to manage i suppose. With two rooms left you could probably try also airbnb: one room for guests and another room for a person living for free or payed caring for you and the guest..

Or the family solution,chosen by a family my parents knew, and we visited when i was a child: Your child cares for you and you pay her/him. In the case of this familiy this was successfull. The girl started with her "job" when she was very young ( i think 10) and later became an important worker and organizer for development cooperation for african countries.. But not every child would do that (My three, - i fear - only to a small extent).


Margaret Hi. I assume that link is for me because it is Wisconsin. Thank you I will check it out.


Hi Lori, - yes it was for you. But could be for everybody, only necessary to type in the region or city..In my experience it has been difficult to organize something for me - not for care,just for sharing the oosts -although i am living in a towncenter. Airbnb seems to control somehow the outcome resp. the behaviour of the guests by allowing feedbacks on its webside. A friend of mine has searched of years to find an appartment for herself, and it has been complicated. When you are in need of a special doctor nearby your appartment, the searching could be difficult, - as it was in her case. As i for myself was looking, it was also difficult..