Have you ever thought about using a "knee Rover"?

Hey guys, there is the seated version which I think may be an option for those using a wheelchair.
What you think?

I looked on their site. There are other models which look much sturdier. I wouldn’t feel confident in the stability of this particular model, and anyway I think my legs would soon complain :wink: xB

This appears to be a good unit.
I have an office chair at my kitchen table that I “scootch” around using my legs/feet. It reclines, swivels, and is equipped with wheels. :wink:
Unfortunately I don’t have the power in my legs anymore, so this type of scooter may not be for me.:grin:
It certainly looks like a great idea for others with stronger legs.
I have a huge Cadillac motorized scooter that cost me a fortune. I needed to spend the extra $ to get the model that would endure the hills where I live. Everywhere I go there is hills! It doesn’t seem to give my legs any exercise like this one would! :neutral_face:
Thanks for posting!:slightly_smiling_face: