Tablet recommendation?

I am thinking I need to invest in a tablet. My handwriting is really getting bad. Do any of you use a tablet for taking notes? And if so – which one? And would you recommend getting one? The screen on my phone is too small for me to use. I am very shaky and it is hard to get the right letters. I can still type, but am pretty slow.

Would a tablet be beneficial? Have you found other tools that are useful?

Hi Cynders, I have been using a tablet for about 3 years now & use it about 95% of the time. I currently use an IPad Air as I like the lightness of it & the battery life. (About 10 hours) I purchased the IHealth Blood pressure unit to go with it & it records 10,000 readings along with the time & date.
As far as I am concerned, it is very beneficial. I chose the iPad because there are not as many viruses that focus on Apple products. Good luck.

I've had an iPad mini for over a year now and really love it. It's not too big for me. I use it for most everything and take it everywhere.

A tablet is really great tool to have. I personally have a Samsung Galaxy tab and you can buy a stylus/pen to help touch the right “soft keys” or a speak to text app for it. But I’m sure alot of tabs are similar. Hope it helps

I use my tablet for all my e mailing. Went to CD World (UK) for my Samsung and had an hours free tuition which got me started. Can also search the web (thats how I found Ataxia support) and can watch films and catchup TV etc. Wouldnt be without it. You can get a case with a built in keyboard which helps as it makes the keys bigger and easier to use. Good luck with your choice and hope it helps you as it has me.


Hi Cynders!
I’m using an I Pad Air to send this. Previously I used a 17" laptop so changing
to the I Pad was challenging.

I use a stylus but also have a wi fi keyboard which we bought separately, it’s
Logitech and compatible. This keyboard is quite small, the Apple one would
have been a better size but obviously much more expensive and I just wanted
to find out whether or not I liked using one anyway.

As it turned out, I use the stylus more, because of ‘wandering fingers’ .
But I wouldn’t part with the I Pad :–) xB

I'm finding the Text-to-Speech features on my cell phone, computer, and tablet to be a major time-saver, whether I'm texting, emailing or web-searching. It's not perfect and I do have to proof and correct. But, it does a better job of handling slurred speech than I expected. I just have to be slow and deliberate when I dictate.


For personal computer use, you may be able to get a keyboard that has gaps between the keys that could help. I use a logitech k750 and, though I still make mistakes, the keyboard has helped for general tasks such as forum use and email.

I have just managed to get hold of Dragon Naturally speaking (home edition). The program needs to be taught to recognize a specific user (fairly easy to set up) and this takes some time as the program learns as it goes along! I intend to use the software to help me when writing short stories and have had some clear success in the short time I have had it.

As for a pad or tablet, I have had an iPad for some time now and find it useful for a few different things. I do not use it for note taking in general but I have typed on it and the on screen keypad is not too bad - though I do sometimes press two keys at once and get the wrong one in type.

Each of the solutions listed has problems! There is cost to consider, I do not drink alcohol, smoke or drive so I have not those outlays to consider and tech is something of a hobby so saved money sometimes goes to kit.Good keyboards with spaced keys can be hard to get hold of as they tend to be made in smaller 'runs'. Dragon naturally talking is easy to use but takes time to settle to the users and learn how they speak and could be problamatic if the user has difficulties with speach. Pads or tablets are usually lighter than laptops or notebooks but can still be a bit weighty.

Be aware that some cheaper pads or tablets have small on screen keys. Also, some cheaper pads or tablets will have limited compatibility or be limited when it comes to available 'apps'. That said, iOS (apple) pads such as the iPad mini or newer android pads are usually well supported.

If you get a pad or tablet with onscreen keys it will, maybe, come with a stylus. No stylus? You do not have to get a propriety stylus! There are many cheaper compatible styli on the market. Also, should the device support a bluetooth or wifi keyboard it is also possible to get non propriety keyboards - I use a logitech bluetooth keyboard for my iPad sometimes.

I hope some of what I have written will be of at least some help.

Kind regards,


Definitely the IPad with the voice thingy. It’s so easy and I couldn’t live without it.

I've had my Android (and love it) for about 3 years now. I use it for the occasional note taking but as I'm on my laptop most of the time, I use sticky notes there. My handwriting is not so good anymore either.

My fiance has a samsung tablet and a rather large stylus that he uses and he loves it! He doesn't mind my ipad either but prefers his Samsung. I guess there are more things you can do with Android based tablets if you are technologically savy:-)

At the National Ataxia Foundation conference they spoke about apps that can help. Check out in a week for the transcripts and information about that. They had a speaker that was a PT and gave advise of which ones would be helpful. Email her for more info! :0)