Help please!

HI MArk, I DO NOT TAKE any medications, some times I am depress but I keep going, do you think is better taking medication for depression? thanks for your opinion

Mark Davidson said:

Dear Lori,

The 2 most important things that I can say to you or anyone (like me) who suffers from depression are these:

1. No matter how you feel or how things seem, YOU ARE NOT ALONE! There is always someone to reach out to for help, don't be embarassed or ashamed about how you feel. Nobody want's to suffer this way and there are people who care about you - even if they are just internet voices like my own.

2. Feelings have an I.Q. of zero. Your feelings don't think or plan what they are going to do, they just happen to show up as they get the urge. You have to keep telling yourself "My emotions don't own me, I have an intellect to balance the scales. When depression kicks me in the gut and makes things seem so bad I have to accept that they don't really know a whole lot and forgive them. When you are clear headed, try to write a list of what you often feel bad about and write down the "truth" that your intellect knows as fact. When you are going down into bad feelings, break out that list and tell your emotions that they are wrong.

I have had depression a long time. Who knows why I have it as opposed to anyone else but I can't control that. I have been on several different antidepressants over the years as sometimes I start to become 'immune' to them. There is no best prescription and sometimes it takes a balanced combination of different medicines to get the brain back in balance. Be honest with your doctor, see a councelor if you need to - take care of yourself. You matter. The fact that I am spending time typing this is proof that you matter.

Get the help you need and make sure you life isn't about your depression or your ataxia but about YOU. Be the best 'you ' that you can be and you will make a difference in peoples lives. Knowing your story tells me that there is another person out there struggling just as I am, so you have already made a difference in at least one life. Keep going. Keep your chin held high. I wish you the best health possible in the new year and beyond. I hope I haven't mistyped anything - I keep doing that and not seeing it.

Best wishes, Mark

You might want to ask your doctor if you can try something else. I take Zoloft and it works pretty good for me. My kids still call me mean sometimes but I think that is pretty natural for preteens/teenagers, lol. :)