I have Friedreich's ataxia disease, I'm 29 years old, I'm doing a master in chemistry in Sweden but am from Egypt, I use wheelchair and live alone, because of that I spend the time of my scholarship fixing my life here and couldn't focus in my study, so I should stay in Sweden one more year to finish my master. Now after fixing my life essentials here I can put my study in first priority if I have a stable financial situation. So I'm looking for any financial support in the coming two semesters. I'm sending this Email to you to tell me where I can looking for this.
Kind Regards,

hi my name is sarah from leeds uk

i also have friedreichs ataxia ,im not sure how this works as ive just joined

sarah :-)

Hi, maybe these people can help you:

Kind regards, Margarete

Hi Sarah! Welcome also from me.

You can start a discussion in the general forum oder write a blog notice on your profile site. Also you can join one of the groups. And - of course, write answers to questions/discussions. I am not longtime in this forum. Hope, that i have explained this in the right way to you.. Kind regards, Margarete, Vienna.

Welcome Sarah

Thank you Margarete.