South Africa

I’m in South Africa with FA are there any out there

Hi Sablelodge, welcome :slightly_smiling_face: I’m still undiagnosed, and I live in the UK.

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Great great great - be strong - must be nice in the UK

:slightly_smiling_face: We haven’t had much of a summer in the UK…I imagine the weather is better where you are.
As far as getting access to Neurologists and diagnosis is concerned, it can be the luck of the draw. Some people (like myself) go for years and find it very difficult to get their GP to take symptoms seriously, and make a referral to a Neurologist. While other people are ‘lucky’ and have family already diagnosed.
But, we do have 2 Accredited Ataxia Centres in the UK, and Neurologists with a lot of expertise :slightly_smiling_face:

hi, what is fa, I have spinocerebral ataxia type 2 INHERETED.My bro has it, but milder form.keep in touch.

:slightly_smiling_face: FA is Friedreichs Ataxia

we don’t have mush support here neither expertise in Cape Town South Africa

Hi! I live in Puerto Rico. I have recently been diagnosed with Ataxia. No much support here in the island. My neurologist ordered the genetic testing already but still awaiting for paperwork. Apparently my insurance does not cover and it cost almost 10K! Here you will get to know many people around the world with similar symptoms as you…So we just share any information. Welcome to the group!

thank you - wow - nice to be part of it all - really great knowing we not alone - support is always the greatest - thank you - hope we talk often
thank you - thank you

Cool thanks - replies are always good

FA - Friedreich’s ataxia ----

YOU KNOW THE MINUTE I ASKED, KNEW THE ANSWER.silly long have you got it.I was diagnosed in 2017, so coming up to a reassesment aFTER 4 YEARS.keeping myself very well.exercises, long walks 2x a day. home made food.using walker/rollator NOT A WHEELCHAIR AS online…shopping…