Hi im ollie from uk

Hi, my name is ollie. I’m 40 from Swindon in the uk. I have SCA 11. I currently work as an assistant practitioner for the NHS.
would love o hear from others, especially in the uk.

I am from Virginia, USA. Sorry to hear about your diagnosis of SCA 11 It’s very rare. And I have SCA 6 Good to hear that you are still working in your 40’s. Let’s hope that CRISPR will have a breakthrough and TMR will stimulate the existing cerebellar atrophy.

Hi Ollie I’m Marcia I’m in uk in Yeovil, Somerset. I was diagnosed in September and do not know a cause or type as yet of my ataxia. I’m still waiting for some type of help and follow up. :blush:

hi, youre not too far from me.

Hi Ollie and Marcia- my husband has SCA type 13. We live in Keynshsm near Bristol after moving here from the US last year. Nice to meet you both.

:slightly_smiling_face:Hi Ollie, I live in Newcastle. Welcome to the group :slightly_smiling_face: There may be an Ataxia Support Group near you, log onto www.ataxia.org.uk to find links :slightly_smiling_face:

AtaxiaUK. # Use our helpline

Knowing what to do next after a diagnosis, or wondering how to support a loved one can be a bit intimidating; Ataxia UK are here to offer support, information and advice to anyone affected by ataxia. Why not get in touch? Sheila Benneyworth, our Support Officer, and Julie Greenfield, Head of Research are available to talk or email via our helpline.

You can call Ataxia UK’s helpline on [0845 644 0606](tel:0845 644 0606) . Opening hours are 10.30-2.30 , Monday to Thursday . The helpline is closed on Fridays.

You can also email us at help@ataxia.org.uk

What if I can’t get through to the helpline?

We only have one helpline operator on at a time so if the line is engaged please do leave us a message and we will call you back. In the meantime, you may find the answer to your questioning the resources available on our help and advice page.

Why didn’t you call me back?

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Is the helpline confidential?

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